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What's happening for recreational JOADs,

parents and supporters?



Beginners and Instructors at Straight N Arrow JOAD


For Recreational JOADs and JOAD Volunteers:

  • Summer is just about over, although the heat and monsoons are not. 

  • Many have taken their summer getaways. 

  • School is getting back into session for most. 

  • School is the number one priority. 


Once back into school routine, recreational JOADs will want to get into the weekly JOAD class routine.

  • Most of Arizona’s JOAD clubs have been conducting classes right through the summer. 

  • Mesa Targeteers at Chandler's Archery HQ, are taking summer break, but will be back in session on September 18th.  

  • For club information check out the www.azarchery.com - Arizona Clubs page and the www.azjoad.com - Starting Out page.

  • If you just can't get enough of organized shooting, check around at the archery shops for leagues.

The beginning of the school year is a great time for parents and JOAD supporters to volunteer and support their JOAD club. 

  • The ASAA will be hosting a NAA Level 1 archery instruction certification class.  

  • Level 1 is great for volunteers and a must to help instruct at a JOAD Club. 

  • Check the ASAA website for Level 1 certification class information.

A word about volunteering.  Arizona JOAD Clubs are in constant need of volunteers. 

  • Becoming Level 1 certified is helpful, but not a must. 

  • Besides helping with set up and take down, keeping track of JOAD achievements is a great way to begin to help. 

  • Assisting with check-in, waivers signatures and payment is another good way. 

  • Most JOAD clubs look for a volunteer that is consistent and reliable. 

  • Skills such as fund raising, computers and community outreach are always needed. 

  • The AZJOAD Association can always use “articles” and photos about JOAD clubs activities.

Hoping you have good teachers, both in school and at JOAD!



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