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Pineapple Archery Speed Shoot

Clint's Well, Arizona





Memorial Day Weekend, May 29th and 30th, 2004


Mel Nichols, Pineapple Archery, set up and hosted a very successful Speed Shoot thanks to the Desert Bowhunters.  Proceeds were donated to the Arizona JOAD fund to benefit Arizona members on the US Junior World Team.


The object of the speed shoot was to have the fastest time combined with the lowest score. 

  • Five targets were set up between 18 to 30 yards.

  • Each shooter started the timer, shot one arrow at each target, and then circled back to stop the timer.

  • Scoring was reversed, a 12=0, 10=1, 8=5 and 5=10 points. 

  • The score was added to the time for the total score.

The best eight took part in a shoot off on Sunday afternoon.

  • There were many spectators and archers watching cheered the shooters on.

  • A big difference from a FITA tournament.

  • The spirited “heckling” of the shooters made for some good-humored fun.

  • When the dust cleared, a longbow shooter had knocked out two compound shooters to take home 3rd place money.

  • He beat the compound shooter less than a half second.

  • The final match paired two shooters with equal times.

  • Both shot Mathews bows.

  • Chuck Thompson won by a few seconds.

Desert Bowhunters were great and donated $130! 


Practice, speed rounds fees, and grudge matches added up for a total benefit of almost $390! 


Thank you to Desert Bowhunters and Mel Nichols.