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 AZJOAD raises funds for

Arizona 2004 US Jr. World Team Hopefuls

 Summary - May 16, 2004


Other ways to help the National Team?

  • Attend the Papago FITA Archers June 5 -  Benefit 600 round Link

  • Bid on something on the Archery Talk Auction  Link

  • Send direct donation to NAA  Donations  (designate the Junior World Team)

Presently, only 4 members of the the 32 member team will receive funding from the NAA to make the trip and compete in the Junior World Championship held in Great Britain this summer.  All others are self-funded.  Recently, the NAA has launched a nationwide fundraising effort in the form of local tournaments to expand the funding of team members.   Papago FITA Archers stepped up to hold the Arizona location on June 5.

AZJOAD has raised over $2,000 for Arizona JOADs, who earn positions on the 2004 US Jr World team.

At least seven Arizona JOAD are planning to compete at the US Jr World Team Trials in Salt Lake City this June.

We have raised these monies during seven events over the past eight months.  Here is a summary.

  1. Longbow Golf Course, October 2003, Mesa, AZ:  We helped open the golf course by conducting a mini-archery tournament as each foursome made the turn between holes 9 and 10.  Each foursome shot three arrows at 5 yards.  The winning foursome won another free round of golf.  We earned $400.

  2. 2003 Fall Star Fita, December 2003, Papago Park Phoenix, AZ:  We conducted a FITA when 4 US Para Olympic hopefuls and several US Champions took part.  The December event drew many with great weather.  We raised $400 in the effort.

  3. USOC Corporate events, January 2004, Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ:  Brad Camp hooked us up with the USOC Corporate programs to host John Hancock at Kierland Resort in Scottsdale.  We supplied 4 targets and equipment including Genesis bows and arrows.  The USOC supplied Olympians Karen Scavotto and Vic Wunderle to conduct actual teaching and demonstration.  We raised $500.

  4. Longbow Golf Course, April 2004, Mesa, AZ:  We returned to Long bow again and taught and demonstrated again.  This time at an American Junior Golf Association, AJGA, regional tournament.  We raised $300 this time.

  5. Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship, April 2004, Ben Avery Shooting Facility, AZ:  $200 in tournament proceeds and donations were added to the fund.

  6. Precision Shooters JOAD, May 2004, Tucson, AZ:  PSJ at PSE Tucson hosted an Olympic Qualifier and OR.  They donated the equipment and the time.  After paying for the NAA and range fees, $205 was donated to the fund.

  7. Compound Bow Tuning, May 2004, Waddel, AZ:  Jessi and Fred Grant conducted a compound bow tuning class.  Three families took advantage of the opportunity.  The event raised $45.

Total $2,050.    Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and donors.

Link to Lilleshall, Great Britain tournament site