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2004 Year in Review


A Summary of this Year's Events

December, 2004


Greetings from the Arizona JOAD Coordinator and the Arizona JOAD Association,

It has been a pleasure to serve as the Arizona JOAD Coordinator since Spring of 2002.  I look forward to transitioning into Arizona Collegiate Archery Club support in 2005.  There will be a new Arizona JOAD Coordinator in 2005.

Please continue to take part in Arizona JOAD programs and help the new Arizona JOAD Coordinator to encourage JOADs around the state to grow the sport that can and has done so much for our community’s youths.

Thank you for your ideas, encouragement and overwhelming support of youth target archery in Arizona.

Bob Pian, Arizona JOAD Coordinator 2002-2004

Here is a short list of Arizona JOAD and Collegiate events,

activities and accomplishments in 2004.


  • Outdoor FITA distances changed for the Cadet Female Division (60-50-40-30M).  Cadet Olympic Round distance set at 60 meters for both boys and girls.

  • A dozen Mesa Targeteers and Arizona JOAD supporters take part in the KMLE radio station event at Archery HQ in Chandler with #21 Matthews NASCAR racecar and driver Tim Schendel.

  • AZJOAD supports the Papago Archery program by lending equipment and support. 

  • 21 JOAD's compete at the Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship at PSE Tucson.

  • 14 JOAD's compete at the Arizona State Indoor Championship at PSE Tucson.



  • JOAD clubs in the Tucson and Phoenix Metro areas offer beginner and advanced classes and instruction.

  • 17 Arizona JOAD’s travel and compete at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.

  • The Papago FITA Archers become a NAA club in early 2004.  Events include a 900 Round Tourney.

  • AZJOAD conducts US Jr. World Team Trials training sessions each month leading up to the Trials in June.



  • 8 Arizona JOAD’s travel and compete in the NAA Indoor Championship at the Rio Rancho NM location, all did well both regionally and nationally.

  • PSE, Mesa Targeteers and Papago FITA Archers all take part in the NAA Mail-in Tournament.  (Assisted by Western Regional Coordinator, Ted Harden)  The event raised several thousand dollars for the US Jr. World Team.

  • The Outdoor season starts.  The weather is beautiful.

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautics University in Prescott organizes its Golden Eagle Archery Club.



  • 8 Arizona JOAD’s from around the State help the Longbow Golf course in Mesa with their American Junior Golf Association Tournament.  The event raises several hundred dollars for unfunded Arizona members of the Jr. World Team.

  • NAA announces new dress code pant color of Khaki (tan).

  • JOAD’s take part in the Arizona Benefit Shoot to benefit Project Challenge.

  • Arizona JOAD’s and JOAD’s from around the nation compete at the senior distances of the Arizona Cup International.

  • Dine’ College competes in the Western Regional Champion at Stanford, CA

  • 15 JOAD’s and 15 adults compete in the Arizona JOAD State Outdoor Championship.



  • Precision Shooters JOAD  host an Olympic Qualifier.  4 JOAD’s compete in preparation for the Jr. World Trials.

  • Desert Destroyers moves to Robinson Archery in Tucson.

  • Dine’ College competes at USIAC in Harrisonburg, VA.

  • The Arizona State Field Championship Tourney, set up by Harold Rush, is held at Ben Avery.  Unfortunately, no JOAD’s take part.

  • Pineapple Archery hosts a 3D tourney to benefit the unfunded Arizona members of the Jr. World Team.



  • 8 Arizona JOAD’s compete in the Jr. World Team Trials in Salt Lake City.  6 make the US Jr. World Team.

  • 2 Arizona JOAD’s compete in the US Olympic Trials

  • 5 Arizona youths compete in the Payson Shoot.

  • After a ˝ year of dedicated effort, the Papago FITA Archers acquire enough equipment to return the AZJOAD Association’s bows and arrows.  Straight N Arrow JOAD preps the AZJOAD equipment to start their program.

  • Bull Basin Archery opens in Flagstaff.  No JOAD program, yet.



  • 6 Arizona JOAD’s compete in the US JOAD National Championship Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Straight N Arrow JOAD begins offering classes and club activities.

  • Mesa Targeteers at Archery HQ begins summer hiatus.

  • 6 Arizona JOAD members of the US Jr. World Championship Team travel to England and compete.  WOW.  Trading ASAA pins turns out to be a highlight.

  • The Arizona Game and Fish Department announces its new Shooting Sports Coordinator.  Anthony Chavez’s duties include National Archery in the Schools oversight.



  • Over $500 is turned over to each Jr. World Championship Team member from Arizona.  Fundraising efforts had begun in October of 2003.

  • City of Phoenix Papago Park installs permanent practice target butts to finish the 2003 Parks and Preserve Foundation Grant funded improvements.

  • The 2004-2005 Jr.USAT is announced.  Three Arizona JOADs make the team.  Two others place highly.

  • Inaugural ASU Sun Devil Archery club membership drive takes place.

  • AZJOAD evolves to AZJOAD and Collegiate Association.



  • All prepare for the Arizona State Outdoor Championship – Arizona Duel in the Desert Team Trials.

  • Mike Koistinen conducts a NAA Level 1 Certification Class.

  • Mesa Targeteers at Archery HQ in Chandler returns and joins the rest of the State's clubs that offer weekly youth archery opportunities.

  • Papago FITA Archer hosts a practice ˝ FITA.

  • National Archery in the Schools participation in Arizona reaches 18 schools.  Certification courses teach school PE instructors.



  • Arizona State Outdoor Championship is also the Arizona Duel in the Desert Trials, held at Ben Avery.

  • ASAA Board of Governors elected.

  • Duel in the Desert held at PSE, Tucson.

  • Arizona JOAD take part in Duel in the Desert.  4 on the Junior AZ team and 4 on the Senior AZ Team.

  • AZJOAD announces a new team competition:  the 2005 AZJOAD Team - Vegas Shootout!

  • Level 1 Class offered graduating several new instructors.

  • ASU and Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University Collegiate Archery Clubs become more and more active.

  • Thorny Pumpkin Vegas Style 600 round Money Shoot pays out over $500 in prize money.



  • Dine' College hosts the Warrior Shootout (18M FITA 1 and 25M FITA 2).  The 25M FITA 2 was the first time for Arizona in recent memory.

  • Iron Archer Series prepares JOADs for the 2005 US World Indoor Trials.

  • Arizona JOAD clubs prepare for the 2005 AZJOAD Team – Vegas Shootout including a practice tournament at Archery HQ..



  • JOADs look forward to the 2005 Indoor Season including:

US Indoor World Team Trials

Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship

ASAA Indoor Championship

World Archery Festival – Las Vegas including the 2005 AZJOAD Team - Vegas Shootout.

Indoor Nationals

  • Desert Destroyers, Precision Shooters JOAD, Mesa Targeteers, Papago FITA Archers and Straight N Arrow JOAD all experience significant growth through out the year.

  • The Papago FITA Archers host the Fall Classic 900 Round.

  • Iron Archer Tournament series finishes with Round Robin Matches in preparation for the 2005 US Indoor World Team Trails.

  • End of year funds:  AZJOAD supported all six Arizona members of the 2004 US Jr World Outdoor Championship Team.  Post World Team income included Ben Avery Sunday sessions, target face sales and Indoor Tournaments.  AZJOAD/Collegiate begin 2005 with approximately $1300. 

  • 2005 AZJOAD/Collegiate funding projects include the AZJOAD Team – Vegas Shootout 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team trophies as well as intensified support of Collegiate Archery in Arizona.


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