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What’s happening this Fall for Arizona JOADs?


There are activities for all level of involvement, check it out.




What coming up for AZJOADs?


First, join the NAA if you are not already a member.  My I suggest a family membership so that mom and dad can compete and take part in coaching and judging activities.  To join the NAA visit www.usarchery.org and the clik on the membership link.


JOAD clubs:


  • Straight N Arrow JOAD is the newest JOAD club in the Phoenix metro area with regular sessions on Friday evenings. Click Here Straight N Arrow features a veteran instructor corp.

  • Weather will be cooling off soon for activities at Papago Park with the Papago FITA Archers.  Email papagoarchers@msn.com for more information.

  • Established clubs include the Mesa Targeteers, Precision Shooters JOAD and the Desert Destroyers.  Visit the www.azjoad.com and the “Starting Out” page for information on JOAD clubs and how to get started in FITA style target archery.  There is also a listing of Arizona State Archery Association/NAA clubs listed on www.azarchery.com under the “Arizona Clubs” link.




Arizona State Archery Association Championship/ Duel in the Desert Trials/ October 2-3, 2004

JOAD have a few short weeks in August and September to prepare for the Arizona State Archery Association Championship.  The tournament will take place on October 2nd and 3rd at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Northwest Phoenix.  All JOAD divisions are offered.  Note that competition as the State level can be small and competitors can often win a medal by simply competing.  The event is a registered Star FITA tournament.  Watch for practice tournament also.


The event is also the Duel in the Desert Trials where Arizona selects a team with one junior from each of the four junior divisions to compete against the California’s best.  This year the Duel will be held in Tucson, Arizona.  Depending on funds available, Arizona Team members usually have their entry fee paid for and are given a custom team shirt.  This is your chance to make the “All State” team.  Registration information can be found HERE.


Duel in the Desert/October 23-24, 2004

The Duel is an open tournament and all are welcome to compete on the field with the State teams.  The Arizona team will be selected at the ASAA State Championship, see above.  The Duel is a long time “grudge match”  (Just kidding) between Arizona and California.  Arizona and California had lively competitions until ASU gave up its winning archery program in the early 90s.  In recent years California dominated until Arizona broke thru with an overall team win in 2002 and a women's team win in 2003.  Keep an eye on the www.azarchery.com website for Duel in the Desert Tournament and Registration information.


NFAA International Round Tournament:

This tournament features field style shooting on a FITA type field.  This event usually takes place in November.  Keep an eye on the www.azarchery.com website for Tournament and Registration information.


Indoor Season Preparation:

The indoor season is great for JOADs, especially first timers!  The distance is only 20 yards (18 meters).  Equipment wise, lightweight bows and inexpensive aluminum arrows are all that is needed to compete well indoors.  Indoor tournaments are a great way to keep shooting interesting and a good place to start before taking on outdoor tournaments. 


Visit www.azarchery.com and www.azjoad.com often for indoor event and tournaments that will help with the indoor season.  Also check with your local archery shop range for leagues that provide practice and valuable competition experience.


2005 Indoor Season:

The 2005 Indoor season for Arizonans is very busy and includes the world indoor championship trials:

  • US World Indoor Trials (Tentative Early January, 2005 at James Madison University)

  • Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship (Tentative January or Feburary, 2005, location TBA)

  • Arizona State Archery Association Indoor Championship  (Tentative January or February, 2005, location TBA)

  • World Archery Festival (Las Vegas, February 24-27, 2005)

  • NAA National Indoor Championship (February, March, 2005, various locations)

  • World Indoor Championship (Denmark, March 22-28, 2005)


The 2005 Outdoor Tournament seasons returns in March.


From more information visit:  www.azjoad.com




Bob Pian

AZJOAD Coordinator

8681 East Via De Negocio

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

602 228-0465