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What’s happening this summer and fall for Arizona JOADs?


There are activities for all level of involvement, check it out.




Summer programs: 

  • Weekly, I receive calls wanting to know about summer youth archery programs. 

  • The long time clubs continue to be active, Mesa Targeteers, Precision Shooters JOAD and Desert Destroyers.

  • The Mesa Targeteers are planning to travel out of town and a tournament this summer.

  • The Desert Destroyers will be relocating to a new location soon.

  • New this year is the Papago FITA Archers (PFA) Junior and Senior Club.

  • A JOAD club is being studied for the Central Phoenix area, stay tuned for more information.

For more information visit:  Starting Out


NAA JOAD Camps, Late August 2004 in Chula Vista CA:

  • The NAA has announced the JOAD Camps at the Olympic Training Center in Southern California.

  • Many Arizona JOADs have gone to JOAD camp in Chula Vista over the years.

  • They all report what a great experience and fun time they had.

  • We have found that intermediate level JOADs can learn a lot at these camps.

  • Your coach and JOADs that have been to the camp can tell you more.

Here is the link:  NAA Joad Camps


Papago FITA Archers, US Jr World Team Benefit Tournament:

  • The PFA will be hosting a tournament on Saturday June 5th at the Papago Park Archery Range.

  • The proceeds will be donated to the NAA to help with US Jr World Team travel expenses.

  • The 2004 Junior World Team Championships will be held in Great Britain.

Here is the link:  PFA Benefit 600 Round


Payson Shoot, June 26th and 27th, 2004:

  • The Payson shoot is open to all types bow types and skill levels.

  • This is a perfect event for first timers and beginners.
    Flexible format allows the archers to take part on a single day or both days.

  • Harold Rush hosts the event in the cool temperatures of Payson.

  • JOADs and their families can enjoy a morning of archery and then explore the many attraction around the area in the PM.

  • The tournament information will be posted at  www.azarchery.com soon.


US Jr World Team Trials:

  • Cadets and Juniors will be competing in the US Jr World Team Trials to be held in early June is Salt Lake City.

  • Arizona’s JOAD hopefuls have been training on their own and at AZJOAD monthly training session throughout 2004.

  • AZJOAD has raised over two thousand dollars for Arizona members of the 2004 US Jr World Team.

  • The event is a Jr USAT qualifier.

  • Wish them luck.

Here is the tournament link:  US Junior World Trials


Olympic Trials:

  • The 2004 US Archery Olympic Trials will be held in Ohio in mid June.

  • Qualifying and competing at the Trials is a great accomplishment.

  • Arizona can be proud of the Arizona JOADs and Seniors qualified for the Olympic Trials.

  • The Summer Olympics take place every four years and are limited to recurve archers.

Link to Olympic Trials


JOAD National Championship:

  • Atlanta Georgia is the location for the JOAD National Championship Tournament in early July.

  • The tournament is open to all Bowman, Cub, Cadet and Junior divisions.

  • The tournament selects the JOAD National Champion and rotates from region to region every year.

  • This tournament is a long term goal for many JOADs.

  • The event is a mandatory Jr USAT qualifier.

Here is the tournament information link:  JOAD Nationals


National Target  Championship:

  • Reading Pennsylvania is home of the Target National Championship.

  • Like the JOAD Nationals, the tournament is open to all Bowman, Cub, Cadet and Junior divisions.

  • The event the last 2005 Jr USAT qualifier.

  • Crossbow, barebow, recurve and compound archers compete along with disabled archers.

Link to :  National Target Championship


The Arizona Duel in the Desert Trials and Arizona State Outdoor Championship tournament:

  • These two tournaments have been combined for 2004 and will take place in early October.

  • The event is open to JOADs.

  • Junior division are eligible to tryout for the Arizona Duel in the Desert Team also.

  • The event host has not been selected; your club may wish to bid on hosting the event.

Here is the bid package link: http://www.azarchery.com/forms/ASAA2003-2004Bid.pdf


The Duel in the Desert, late October:

  • This tournament matches the best Arizona’s archer against California’s best, including Junior division JOADs.

  • The team is selected at the “Trials” see above.

  • The tournament alternates between Arizona and California every year.

  • This year the tournament will be held in Arizona.

  • The tournament is an open tournament

  • All Seniors and JOAD divisions are welcome regardless if you are a team member or not.

Like the Trials the event host has not been selected.



2004 Fall and Winter:

  • Several events take place in the Fall and Winter.

  • The Arizona NFAA International Round Shoot give all, including JOADs, a chance to shoot a field style tournament.

  • The Fall Star FITA is an Arizona Tradition where many archers from snow areas have a chance to shoot in our great winter weather.

  • Fall and Winter is also a time to focus on the Indoor season which begins in January and earlier.

  • Early January 2005, the US World Indoor Team Trials will take place to select the US World Indoor team that will travel to Denmark in March.  USA sends Senior and Junior teams.

The tournament information will be posted at  www.azarchery.com


Here is the link to the NAA JOAD information page:




Junior US Archery Team (Jr USAT):

  • Each year the NAA selects a Junior US Archery Team of five Juniors and one Cadet.

  • The selection is based on the placements at three of the four qualifying tournaments.

  • Indoor Nationals (last March), Jr World Team Trials, JOAD Nationals (Mandatory) and Target Nationals.

  • The team member must also achieve a qualifying score and a fitness test.

  • Typically, a half dozen or so Arizona JOAD (and their families) choose to pursue JR USAT membership each year.

  • The training and traveling experience is invaluable.

Here is the link to the Jr USAT team information:  USAT



  • AZJOAD is made up JOADs and parents just like you.

  • We were all beginners at one time and continue to learn at every event we attend.

  • I encourage you to contact AZJOAD with any questions.

  • Remember to join the NAA to receive USA Archery magazine.    Membership link

  • It is our pleasure to share what we have experienced.

From more information visit:  www.azjoad.com




Bob Pian

AZJOAD Coordinator

8681 East Via De Negocio

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

602 228-0465