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Now What?


There are activities for all level of involvement, check it out.




What coming up for AZJOADs?


First, join the NAA if you are not already a member.  My I suggest a family membership so that mom and dad can compete and take part in coaching and judging activities.  To join the NAA visit www.usarchery.org and the click on the membership link.


Now What? 


The last scheduled  STAR FITA, the Duel in the Desert will take place on October 23-24, 2004  at PSE in Tucson.


What should Arizona JOADs be doing there after this fall?


The answer is to get ready for the 2005 indoor January, February and March tournament season.  At a glance, there may seem to be lots of time between “now and then”.  Experience tells us that with Thanksgiving, semester end and the winter holiday season (Christmas), there is not much time at all .  Join the NAA if you are not already a member.  


To get ready for the indoor season, keep going to your JOAD club, and take advantage of remaining 2004 tournament opportunities including:


  • Thorny Pumpkin money shoot, Phoenix.  The tournament is open to all that can shoot a 40 cm target at 18 meters.  October 30, 2004 Link Thorny Pumpkin 

  • ABFAA International Round:  Its not indoors, but good shooting none the less, October 31 http://www.azarchery.com/forms/2004ABFAAIntl.pdf

  • Iron Archer Series, 3-600 rounds and a round robin tourney held on four Saturdays. November 6, November 20, December 4 and December 18, 2004 Link  Iron Archer

  • Warrior Shootout at Dine College 18m and 25m shoot.  Dine College is located in northeast Arizona near beautiful Canyon De Chelly.   November 13-14, 2004 Warrior Shootout link

  • Tucson PSE will likely host similar events as may Chandler's Archery HQ, keep an eye on the www.azarchery.com  website and the events page.


2005 Indoor tournaments include:

  • US Indoor World Team Trials, January

  • Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship, January

  • Arizona State Indoor Championship, February

  • World Archery Festival, Las Vegas, February

  • NAA JOAD Indoor Championship, Multiple sites in February, March

  • NAA Indoor Championship Multiple sites in February, March


Questions, feel free to email azjoad@cox.net