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Ted Harden II, Ted Harden I and Vivian Koistinen

Arizona Selects a Trio for the

2002 Toxophilite Award.


April 7th, 2002

Ben Avery FITA Range, Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona State Archery Association (Arizona component of the National Archery Association) has elected three individuals of varying backgrounds and accomplishments for the Associations Toxophilite (or “Archery Bow Lover”) award in recognition the men and women that have made a significant contribution to target archery in Arizona.  This years recipients are Vivian Koistinen along with the male co-recipients of Ted Harden I and Ted Harden II.

Vivian Koistinen has and continues to work tirelessly for the Arizona archery including the work with the Arizona Junior Olympic Archery Development (AZJOAD).  With husband Mike (past Toxophilite award recipient), the two work six and seven days a week tackling Association business.  Vivian’s most recent effort has been as co-organizer of the 2002 Arizona Cup insuring that all goes well.   When the Association found that tournament judges were becoming scarce, Vivian became a certified judge and has been judging ever since, at the expense of her own recreational archery.  Arizona salutes Vivian Koistinen as the 2002 Arizona Toxophilite Women.

Ted Harden I and Ted Harden II can be credited with taking AZArchery.com and AZJOAD.com to a level where the web sites are considered a nationwide resource.  They share the 2002 Arizona Toxophilite men’s award for this and other accomplishments.

Ted II became the junior member of the 2001-2002, twenty-four member Jr. United States Archery Team.  Ted’s wins include first for junior male recurve at the 2001 JOAD National Indoor Tournament and 2001 JOAD National Outdoor Tournament and top Junior Recurve at the 117th National Target Championship in his division.  These wins in 2001 resulted in Ted being ranked number one junior recurve male.  Since the last summer Ted was chosen as a member of the 2001 Duel in the Desert Arizona Team, finished in the top ten at the 2002 NFAA World Archery Festival in Las Vegas as a Senior and finished first at the 2002 33rd Indoor Target Championships and the 2002 JOAD National Indoors for junior recurve male.  The Association is proud to recognize this bright young archer with the 2002 Toxophilite award in the tradition of Rick McKinney and Jay Bar



Ted Harden I spends countless hours keeping the websites current.  As a result Ted I has developed a network of contacts that insures that Arizona is kept up to date with national issues and action.  Ted’s careful consideration has resulted in Arizona “views” being recognized by the NAA as solid advice.  Ted, the parent, has also been a strong advocated for AZJOAD.  His vision for the future has refocused the JOAD program with purpose, progress and growth. Congratulations Ted I and Ted II.