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Arizona State Archery Association

2004 Toxophilite Award


April 9-10, 2005

Ben Avery, Phoenix, Arizona





The 2004 Toxophilite award winners are Alan Huff and Lindsay Pian. They represent diverse contributors to Arizona Archery.
Alan Huff took on the task of ASAA President and has been universally applauded by his board as an effective, focused leader that is able to make thing happen.
President Huff has well positioned the ASAA for the future.
Alan and family are a "fixture" at PSE in Tuscon's Precision Shooters JOAD.
He leads by doing and has run the State Indoor and JOAD Championship for three years in a row.
Alan also has a keen sense of what it takes to provide a quality tournament experience and is a member of the ASAA tournament oversight committee.
Lindsay Pian is a three time Jr. US Archery Team member, a three time indoor and outdoor US National Champion, two time US World Team member and a World Championship Bronze medalist.
Lindsay is a representative of the achievements that are available to all the Arizona JOADs.
"The chance to shoot with so many quality Arizona JOADs has been great!"
She joins her parents who are also Arizona Toxophilite award honorees.

Bob Pian presents Toxophilite award to Alan Huff

Mike Koistinen presents Toxophilite award to Lindsay Pian