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The JOAD X Files

courtesy of the

Texas State Archery Association




JOAD X Files needs your help!


The Texas State Archery Association began the "JOAD X Files" in 2003.

They have published seven free issues, each full of valuable JOAD information and all for free.

You can subscribe to the X Files and view the archives at the TSAA website:


How can you help the JOAD X Files?

  • The publishers need JOADs, JOAD parents, coaches and supporters to provide content for the X Files. 

  • They also need editors or proofreaders to read and correct submittals.

  • Internet posting capability is not essential.


What makes a good article?

  • The latest issue of the X Files, # 7, is a good example of a balanced issue.

  • There are articles from a JOAD, Coach, Parents, and Judge as well as general information.

  • Topics can be all new or elaborate on a past X Files article.

  • If you are unsure if a topic is worthy, email them and ask. 

  • They always need articles about National Tournaments from a JOADs perspective.


The time as a JOAD and JOAD parent can be short!

  • The fact is that the current X Files publishing team is aging out and it's time for the next "generation" of JOAD and Parents to make the X Files their own.

  • I sense that most JOADs and JOAD parents spend half of their JOAD "career" learning the ins and outs of JOAD.

  • Didn't you wish there was a source of current information?

  • The X Files is just that.



  • The X Files has covered a lot of information in its short web publishing history.

  • May I suggest that you add the X files archive to your web browser "favorites" and utilized it as a information resource.


The www.joad.org is a part of the TSAA website and has a wealth of information in addition to the X Files. Check it out.