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ASU Sun Devil Archery holds Beginners Class

Sept. 11, 2005

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September 10, 2005, 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Papago Park Archery Range


There is more to see at www.sundevilarchery.com

The Sun Devil Archery club season has begun with its ASU Orientation / Beginner's Class.

Ed Votruba (Mesa Targeteers) volunteered as the lead instructor for the event and had all the ASU student “newbies” shooting the genesis bows accurately in quick fashion.

A couple of current Mesa Targeteers (Max L. and Kevin H.) practiced with former Mesa Targeteers and now Sun Devil Archery team members (Ted Harden, Ashley Votruba and Lindsay Pian).

The Sun Devil Archers have extended an invitation to all JOADs to bring their equipment and practice with the Sun Devil Archery club.

It’s a great way to shoot outdoors with others your age..

Their practice schedule is available online at www.sundevilarchery.com then click on the calendar link.

While you are there, have a look around the website to see what the Sun Devil Archers are up to including their competition events.

Email team leader, Kari Granville sundevilarchery@yahoo.com for any last minute schedule changes.