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2005 Mexican Grand Prix


Mexico City, Mexico


May 15-21, 2005



Arizonan, Maggie Huff (center) and Californians, Tiffany Hirano (right) and Allison

Zemek (left) competed in the Mexican Grand Prix, a FITA World Ranking



All the girls won FITA medals and distance award medals.

Maggie Huff won a medal at each distance and the FITA Silver Medal.


They also competed in the Open Olympic Round and in the

Junior division OR.


It was a highlight when they competed as a team in the team

elimination round.


Congratulations Maggie!


The Huffs, Hiranos and Zemeks will be great resources to help others

to travel and compete in our Copanarco FITA region. Daniel and Sarah Holstein of California also competed.


The NAA encouraged USA archers to compete internationally in 2005

and these three girls took on the challenge. Check out international archery opportunities



The "Americas" only have a few FITA World Ranking Tournaments and the

Mexican Grand Prix is the closest WRT to the US west coast.  There are

no WRT in the USA or Canada in 2005.