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Arizona JOAD NEWSLETTER  - Spring 2005


2005 Outdoor Season Opportunities

for Arizona JOADs


Edited by Michael Loughridge,

2005 Arizona JOAD Coordinator for the Arizona State Archery Association


The Outdoor Season overlaps with the indoor season in March of 2005.

There is a lot for Arizona JOADs to take part in during the 2005 Outdoor Season.

You will soon find that practice time is a rare and valuable commodity.


Be sure to join the NAA if you take part in more than one tournament or will compete nationally.



All State and National tournaments are open tournaments.

That means that all can take part regardless of skill level, no prerequisites required.

Competing is the only way to gain tournament experience.

Start saving now for travel to State and National Tourneys.


March 19, 2005 -  Grand Canyon State Games


Scroll down on their webpage to the 900 round tournament infomation at Papago Park.

This is a great starter trounament, one day, no dress code, 90 arrows.

The folks at the Grand Canyon State Games do a nice job, surf around their website.

National Archery Association membership NOT required.


April 9-10, 2005 - Arizona State Archery Association - 2005 State Outdoor Target Championship


Hosted by the ASU Sun Devil Archery Club

This tournament crowns the State Outdoor Target Champion.

All JOADs are welcome to compete.

International archers often take part, a chance to shoot with World Team members and Olympians!



This tournament is the second largest Senior FITA in North America.

And it takes place in our own back yard.

JOADs that can shoot the senior distances are invited to take part.

This is a great tournament to get up close to the worlds best archers.

You can watch their form, see what equipment they use and perhaps get their autograph.

Thoses that dont compete should consider volunteering.


April 30, 2005,   2005 Arizona JOAD State Outdoor Championship


Detailed information will be made available as soon as it is published at:

This tournament selects Arizona's JOAD Outdoor Champion.

Note that first timers often win an award and sometimes win the championship

Dont be shy, give it a try.

The tournament is eager to accommodate all.


May is Field Archery Month for Arizona


May 14, 2005 ASAA FITA/NFAA Field Archery Workshop

Ben Avery, hosted by Harold Rush

Harold will teach all comers how to shoot field archery.

Marked distance, un marked distances, how to estimate distance, etc.

Don't miss this chance.

There are great JOAD opportunities in field archery!


May 21-22, 2005 ASAA Field Championship (Tentative)


Detailed information will be made available as soon as it is published at:

Take what you learned at the Field work shop and apply it at the State Field Championship.

Most will be first-timers, just like you.

Note that first timers often win an award and many will win a category championship!  


June 4-5, 2005 The Payson Shoot


This is the most accommodating tournament in Arizona and one of the longest traditions in Arizona Target Archery.

You can shoot one day or two days.

You can shoot a 900 round or a 1/2 to full FITA, archers choice.

No dress code and best of all, it held in the cool temperatures of Payson.

Detailed information will be made available as soon as it is published at:


Detailed information will be made available as soon as it is published at: www.usarchery.org 

Every year Arizona JOADs are strong contenders for Jr US Archery Team (Jr USAT) and many have made this national team.

Here is a link to the USAT Criteria

The Southern Illinois Cup is a great way to score Jr USAT ranking points as many JOAD don't take advantage of this tournament. Carbondale Illinois, site of the tournament is a two hour drive from St Louis.


June 24-26, 2005 24th Annual JOAD Outdoor National Championship


This tournament selects the JOAD National Champion and will be held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

We don't often get a chance to compete at such a family friendly place so don't miss out on the opportunity!

As for the tournament, its all JOADs and great competition.

It is a Jr USAT qualifying tournament.



July 30,  August 5, 2005 121st US National Target Championship


Detailed information including exact dates will be made available as soon as it is published at: www.usarchery.org 

The tournament is the National Championship for Seniors and Master so the best are sure to be here.

The tournament is a double FITA, a lot of archery for the money.

The Championship takes place in Colorado Spring, CO. a 13 hour drive from Central AZ.

It is a Jr USAT qualifying tournament.




The Arizona Fall Season includes the Duel in the Desert Trials in Arizona in early October and the Duel in the Desert in Long Beach CA, in late October.

Then its a mix of indoor and outdoor events before 2006 which includes the US Jr World Team Championship Trials and a chance to earn a spot on the US Jr World Team!


More on that as the events approach...