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Arizona JOAD NEWSLETTER  - Summer 2005


2005 Spring/Summer Tournament Season




Arizona State and the State JOAD Championship are in the record books.  They are just the tip of the tournament iceberg.  Many more tournaments including the national championships are coming up for Arizona JOADs.  Note that qualification scores are typically not required to take part in a tournament.

Don't forget to become a member of the NAA.


To take part you should have your equipment in good shape and tune.  You should have confidence in your coaching and training.  And most importantly you must family support.


The greatest benefit in competing in tournaments are the lessons learned by preparing, traveling and competing.  You will learn something new at each and tournament. 
Note that the NAA JOAD camps have been revamped to focus each camp on a specific level of achievement.
Arizona JOADs that have been to camp before are good sources of information.
Don’t wait, dive in, the water is fine.



May 8 and 14, ASAA Field Archery Seminars at Papago Park, Phoenix

Take part in a seminar and then compete in the State Field Championship. Click Here


May 21-22,  ASAA Field Championship, Ben Avery, Phoenix

JOAD are welcome and typically all juniors that compete will win an award.

Did you know that Field Archery is one of the best ways to make a world team! Registration



NAA JOAD Camps have been scheduled.  Click Here

Arizona JOADs that have taken part in the NAA JOADs camps all report that they had a great time at the week long camps. Chula Vista is the location of choice.
The facilities at the Olympic Training Center are great and air fare is inexpensive.
It is also easy to drive over and drop them off and drive back a week later to pick them up.
Sign up early !



June 3-5, Southern Illinois Cup, Jr USAT Qualifier

Fly into St. Louis and then it’s a couple hour drive to southern Illinois.

This tournament the least attended of the Jr USAT qualifiers and as a result, offer the best chance to collect Jr USAT points. Click Here


June 4-5, Payson Shoot, Payson

This is an ideal first tournament, Harold Rush makes shooting this tournament very easy.  You can shoot on Saturday or Sunday or both days.  Best of all is the relaxed atmosphere and cool temperatures of Payson.

Click Here


June 10-12, National Field Championship, Spokane, Washington

If you do well at the State Championship, you might contacting the tournament host to see if space is available, paying the late fee and taking part. Click Here


June 23-26 JOAD National Championship, Orlando, Florida

This tournament selects the JOAD National Champion in each division.

It is “the” national tournament for JOADs and will be held at the Disney World Sports Complex. Click Here


Be on the look out just in case a training session or tournament is organized for early July. 


July 30 – August 5, National Target Championship, Colorado Springs, Colorado

A large number of Arizona JOADs took part in the JOAD Nationals in Denver in 2003.  The National Target Championship will be in Colorado Spring for several more years.  Lets make this tournament an Arizona JOAD tradition.  Colorado Springs is a 13 hour drive from central Arizona.  The late summer date allows all JOAD sufficient time to train and gain confidence.

Click Here   


Then its time to head back to school and prepare for the Arizona Duel in the Desert Trials in early October.


Other USA Tournaments:


May 11-15, US World Target Championship Trials, Orlando, Florida.

Click Here


May 19-21, US Intercollegiate Archery Championship, Milledgeville, Georgia.

The US Collegiate Archers National Championship.

Click Here


May 27-29, Gold Cup, USAT Qualifier, Bloomfield, New Jersey.

This is the third USAT qualifying tournament for Seniors.  Next year the Voyager Cup in Minnesota will be added as a USAT qualifier. Click Here


Note that there are also tournaments in Mexico and South America that are great opportunities also.

Click Here


In closing; there are many many tournaments to take part in if you have the means and the time.  The trick is learning how to travel and compete effectively on a budget.