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Mesa Targeteers Learn about Field Archery


September. 24, 2005

Archery Headquarters, Chandler, AZ



Dave Twigg, of the Usery Mountain Archers (UMA), spoke to the Mesa Targeteer's Intermediate and Advance classes this Saturday morning.

The information focused on the NFAA style of field and hunter round know distances, 4 arrows, “walk up” and “fan pattern” shooting.  Dave also mentioned “FITA Field” marked and unmarked distance target shooting opportunities.

Field archery including bare bow is a great way to try out for a US World Team!

To encourage youths to give field archery a try, the UMA invited the JOADs to shoot their first “Fun Shoot” field round for free and “Fun Shoots” thereafter for ˝ price.

The normal tournament fee is $10 per round.

(The Maricopa County park entry fee of $5 per archer is a separate fee that is not discounted.)

See also the UMA posting on www.azarchery.com

The Return of NFAA Field Archery