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2006 ASAA Indoor Championship

January 28 and 29, 2006

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Prescott, Arizona


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2006 ASAA Indoor Championship, the biggest in a decade!


The 2006 ASAA Indoor Championship was a success in many ways with the ASAA and ERAU very willing to work together for future tournaments.

  • ERAU Golden Eagle Archery led by club leader, Tina Blake hosted what is likely the largest ASAA Indoor Championship in over a decade.  70 registered to compete.

  • Archers appreciated the easy on the legs and feet flooring, nice lighting, pleasant acoustics and ample archer and spectator seating and space.   The space was a little chilly in the morning, but soon warmed up once the archers began practicing.

  • Collegiate archery participant numbers were strong with 12 from Dine College, 6 from ASU, 4 from ERAU, and one from the U of A, 23 total. One ASU archer shot two robin hoods on Day 1.

  • The State Indoor Championship was covered by the Prescott Daily Courier and the ERAU press.  Some spectators came out on Sunday after reading about the event in the morning paper.  

  • The event created a good buzz on campus the following week and acted as a catalyst to jump start the Golden Eagle Archery Clubs spring efforts.

  • The tournament brought Arizona High School students to the ERAU Prescott campus and introduced them to the campus and program.

  • Out of town archers occupied approximately 50 hotel room nights and shopped and dined in Prescott, spending $7,500 to $10,000 during the two day event.

  • No problems thanks to conscientious Tournament Director efforts and ASAA Tournament Oversight quality control.



Travel: Archers came from the NE Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson areas.   All reported that the drive time was easy.  Fain Rd. and 89A provide an almost direct access to ERAU.


The Saturday morning lines ran on time with most of the archers local or having spent the night in Prescott.  The Saturday PM line was plagued with traffic issues on the way to an unfamiliar venue that delayed the archers arrival to the range.  The tournament was able to work in practice for all, including some during the announcements.  Scoring began only 10 minutes behind schedule.  There was only one equipment failure on Saturday.


Saturday evening, the archers had a variety of dining choices including, major chains, fast food and the many very down town Prescott eateries. Many hit the grocery stores for provision for the next day.   (This reporter heard good reports about the Antelope Hills Inn, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express)


Sunday ran very smoothly with the archers familiar with the area and event set up.  The tournament preparation paid off.  No equipment failures.  Some very nice scores were recorded, another testament to the great venue and preparation by the archers and tournament staff.  At days end the officials and spectators took down the tournament targets, chairs and equipment in less than ˝ hours and made all ready for transport to storage.

It was great to have 5 NAA judges willing to serve.   


Note:  All were invited to compete at the 2006 ASAA State Indoor Championship so long as they comply with the NAA and FITA rules.  Only NAA members residing in AZ are eligible for State Championship awards.  By agreement NAA and NFAA member may compete in each others National Championships.



1200 round FITA 1, 18 Meters, Star Fita.

Two 600 round session per day.

10 Whitetail targets and stands with 32” of lane space per archer.

LED digital timer

75 chairs in four rows of seating

Four bow set up tables against the back wall

7 bow stands

DOS table

Registration Table

PA system with music

Entry Fee: NAA members $40, Guests, $45

ASAA/NAA Compound, Recurve, Barebow, JOAD, Senior, Collegiate, and Master 50, 60 and 70 offered.



AB CD shooting lines

AM and PM shooting times

Check in, ˝ hour

Official Practice 6 to 7 ends, 45 to 50 minutes

Announcements 10 to 15 minutes

600 round scoring including a break at mid round.

4 1/2  hours long per session on checking day

4 hour long session on the second day.


Next time:

  • Provide open practice on Friday night (or a qualifier?)

  • As the shoots attract more and more attention from the media, TDs must issue media instruction and credentials so that the tournament is not effected by their coverage.

  • Consider a 25 meter, 600 round opportunity

  • Provide information sheets for spectators.

  • Provide a “give archery a try” area to give the public a chance to try shooting a bow and arrow.

  • Provide lunch sales.

  • Once the schedule is published, always refer back to it.  Never republish times to avoid errors.



Field and scoring crew, ERAU Golden Eagles Archery

Tournament Director: Tina Blake, ERAU

Sat AM, DOS Bob Pian, Judge Ed Votruba, alt, Rocky Repp

Sat PM, DOS Ed Votruba, Judge Nic Panawa

Sun AM, DOS Ed Votruba, Judge Greg Redhouse

Sun PM,  DOS Nic Panawa, Judge Bob Pian, alt, Rocky Repp

ASAA Tournament support, Janice Price, Alan Huff and Bob Pian


Sunday January 8th

Mid day

Pick up Equipment from ASAA Storage


Friday January 27th

3 to 6 PM Set up at ERAU Eagle Gym

6 to 8 PM Un official Practice


Saturday January 28th

8 AM Open doors

8:30 Check in, Equipment inspection

9 to 9:45 Official practice, 6 ends

9:45 to 10 AM Announcements

10 to 11:25 1st 300

11:25 to 11:30 Break

11:35 AM to 12:55 PM 2nd 300


1:30 PM Check in, Equipment inspection

2 to 2:45 Official practice, 6 ends

2:45 to 3 PM Announcements

3 to 4:35 1st 300

4:35 to 4:48 Break

4:48 to 6:12 PM 2nd 300


Sunday January 29th

8:30 AM Late checkin

9 to 9:50 Official practice, 7 ends

9:50 to 10 AM Announcements

10 to 11:25 1st 300

11:30 to 11:40 Break

11:40 AM to 1:09 PM 1st 300


1 PM Late checkin

1:30 to 2:20 Official practice, 7 ends

2:20 to 2:30 PM Announcements

2:30 to 3:50 1st 300

4:35 to 4:50 Break

4:02 to 5:20 PM 2nd 300


Volunteer take down

5:20 to 6:00 PM