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2009 Iron Archer Story


Dec. 6, 2009

Round Robin Finals


The 2009 Iron Archer Round Robin Championships was another exciting event.  This year there were three flights, Gold, Silver and Bronze, of eight archers each.  The Round Robins were conducting using the anticipated 2010 FITA set system modified for the Iron Archer Indoor event.

  • Three arrow sets (3 arrow end)

  • Two points for a set win, one point for a set tie and zero points for a set loss. 

  • First archer to get 6 set points wins the match. 

  • If the match is tied after the fifth set, a one arrow closest to the middle shoot off decides the match winner. 

Each Iron Archer Round Robin Flight contestant shot seven matches.  Every round had matches that went to the maximum of 5 sets.  Each round had matches decided by closest to the middle single tie breaker arrow.  You can tell that the matches are a dog fight when the round robin arrow calls are much more frequent than the ranking round.  A short break was taken after the fourth match.  The seventh matched finished with two ties to determine the Gold and Silver winners.


It took just one round for all of the archers to understand the new set system and the associated new score card with arrow points per set and set points.


The venue continues to be a highlight with archers eager to take part in the 2010 ASAA Indoor Championship, January 23-24, 2010 at the BASF Indoor Range.  The archers also expressed interest in a Vegas style shoot.


Steven Yee won the Iron Archer Bronze Flight starting from the 5th seed position.  Clinton Costello won the Iron Archer Silver Flight, barely beating out his dad, Wayne who started the day as the 5th seed.  The feature Gold Flight was won by Eric Bennett, seed #2.  It was fitting that seed #1 David Miller and seed #2, Bennett faced off in the last match that was decided with two shoot off arrows when the first tie breaker was too close to call by measurement.


Each flight winner received an Iron Archer medallion presented with a novelty fully functional “cowbell”, a cash prize and a complimentary ASAA Indoor Championship registration, a $45 value.


Congratulations to all the competitors!



Two ends of practice to get a jump on what was sure to be a long day.

Each match averaged 30 to 35 minutes

Each match went to 5 sets plus one closest to the middle shoot off tie breaker.

½ hour for lunch break.


Suggestions for next time:

  • Try to seed a recurve flight to help equalize the tie break process.

  • Provide food concessions for the archers and spectators lunch.

  • Start a little earlier in the day. (Check in 8 AM, Practice 9:00 AM, shooting for score 9:30 AM.

December 5, 2009

Third Qualification Day

6 youths and 16 adults took part in the third and final Iron Archer 600 ranking round opportunity.  The archers lane assignments were based on the archers best 600 round to date so that the competitors could size up their round robin flight competition.  The AZ Game and Fish Department Commissioners toured the Air Gun/ Indoor Archery range and thoroughly enjoyed watching the tournament target archers in action. 

During the break, Arizona 2008 Beijing Olympian, Brady Ellison visited the range and many took the opportunity to get have their picture taken with both Brady and fellow Arizonan and Iron Archer competitor, 2008 Beijing Para Olympian Eric Bennett.

November 22, 2009

Day Two

Twenty five archers took part in the second day of the 2009 Iron Archer and broke the record of the BASF Indoor Archery Range attendance record set the day before.  The archers targets assignment were based on ranking so that archers could “keep an eye” on their close competitors.  On the line were Jr USAT member Mackenzie Kieborz, USAA Dream Team member Yashio Kaku, 08 Beijing Paralympian Erik Bennett as well as many Arizona Duel in the Desert Team members.  The event went very smoothly shooting one line with the first half of the 600 shot from 10:45 to 11:45 AM and the second half of the 600 shot from 12 noon to 1:00.  All the score cards were turned in by 1:30.   Thanks to the archers that came out to help make the inaugural tournament weekend a good one.  Thank you Andrew Kaku, the Van Patters, and BASF intern Clinton Costello for helping to take down and load the Mel Nichols provided trailer. 

Space is available for the December 5th, 600 round.  The archer’s best two 600 rounds determines seeding for the December 6th Iron Archer round robin matches.  Archers are welcome to take part in just the World Archery (FITA Style) 600 round.  The Iron Archer 600 round is a great way to test out the new indoor range which is scheduled to be the site of the 2010 ASAA Indoor Championship.

November 21, 2009

Inaugural BASF Indoor Archery Range Event – Iron Archer 2009

The inaugural indoor archery event took place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility Indoor Archery Range on Saturday November 21, 2009.  The range will be the Friday evening home of Desert Sky Archer’s, JOAD/Adult beginning classes in January 2010.  The range has a 13 target matt capacity which will allow up to 52 archers shooting in two waves (AB/CD).

Eighteen archers took part in the first USAA/FITA style 600 round at 18 meters as part of the 2009 Iron Archer Tournament series qualification/ranking round hosted by AZJOAD.   Archers will compete on November 22, December 5 with round robin matches on December 6.  The Iron Archer Tournament Series http://www.azjoad.com/2009/2009_iron_archer.htm began in 2002 and has been hosted in four different Phoenix metro area archery shop ranges.

The BASF indoor archery facility is the largest venue to date.  World Archery (FITA) style targets were spaced for 32” (+80cm) per archer backed up by a full width arrow curtain and plywood reinforced wall (which no one “tested” during the inaugural event).  LED digital timers were set up on each side of the range.  Other amenities including computerized scoring and PA/sound system.   The range is fully air conditioned with a line of lights to illuminate the targets and another line of lights along the shooting line in addition to general lighting.  BASF provided chair seating for 50.  The 80x120 feet building can easily accommodate a 25 meter indoor event with ample seating space.  The building is multi use and doubles as an air gun range.  The air gun table make great bow case tables.

“We are delighted to give the range a test run and everything went perfectly” reported Bob Pian, the tournament director and judge for the event.  “Having a dedicated space that can host a variety of archery event means that there will be many more opportunities for archers to take part in tournament and training events year around.  The range will be a great place to introduce and teach archery.  We thank the Ben Avery Shooting Facility and the Arizona Game and Fish Department for the opportunity to use the range.”

Space is available at the November 22 and December 5 qualification/ranking rounds that lead up to the Iron Archer Round Robins.