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2009 Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship

January 10, 2009

Phoenix, Arizona


RESULTS           Venue Photos            More Photos including awards


Another great tourney!



Hosted by: Papago FITA Archers

Location: Precision High School, 3906 E Broadway Rd., Phoenix, Arizona


JOADs and adults took part in record numbers at the 2009 Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship.  The tourney took place at Precision High School in Phoenix.  The venue was fantastic and included a spectator’s balcony gallery which made for some great photos.  The gallery soon became the popular place to be.  The venue space was first rate with spectator bleachers, archer’s seating and ample space for equipment and bow cases.  Target mats and stands were provided by Papago FITA Archers and Sun Devil Archery at ASU.  AAE Cavalier USA helped to sponsor the tourney and gave each competitor a package of fletchings, a finger sling and an arm guard along with an AAE Cavalier Catalog.  The archer’s bags included Arizona JOAD flyers and USAA College Archery Program brochures.


The competition:  Papago FITA Archers (18) and Corner Kidz JOAD (13) brought most of their JOADs to the tourney.  The Targeteers JOAD (3) also took part and archers came from as far away as Tucson PSE (6).  The adult archers used the opportunity to prepare for the State Indoor Championship and Vegas.  The tourney format was a FITA indoor 600 round at 18 meters, for the Cadet and Juniors and a JOAD Style 600 for the Bowman’s and Cub’s (recurve, 60 cm – compound 40 cm outer 10 ring)


Precision High School volunteers served coffee, hot chocolate, cookies and a BBQ hotdog and hamburger lunch (8+ volunteers) as a fund raiser for the school.  Special thanks to Tom Jones of Precision High School, school volunteers and Bill Jones for welcoming the tourney with open arms and worked tirelessly to set up, take down and insure that the tourney was perfect.  Tom and a crew of dedicated volunteers also hosted a NASP Tournament the afternoon before the AZJOAD tourney using the same set up.  Special thanks go to the Van Patter family for supplying the wood back wall protection for both tourneys.


After Lunch, Steve Yturralde, Arizona JOAD Co-Coordinator took the opportunity to announce and invite all JOADs to take part in the AZ JOAD Vegas Team Showdown in February.  Mike Cullumber, ASAA Vice President, took the opportunity to invite archers to all of the other tourney offering that can be found on www.papagoarchery.com, www.azarchery.com, www.azjoad.com, www.arizonacup.com and www.usarchery.org


Tony Don, 2008 USAA Youth World Championship Team member (Junior Recurve Men) scored the tournament high score.


After the archers checked their scorecards for addition, the cards were sorted and the archers were called forward and medals (Crown Awards) presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  Clubs took the opportunity to take club and team photos.


Great job:

·   Only three equipment failure indicated that the archers did a good job of equipment preparation. 

·   Team uniforms always look impressive.


For next time:

·   Dress code continues to need explanation. 

·   AB CD shooting line tourney process is worth practicing before competing.  

·   Initials needed to be marked on the shaft of many arrows during equipment inspection. 

·   It would be nice to conduct a team/club leaders meeting before the tourney to inform all of any issues or details.  A team competition of any sort is always a possibility. 

·   A 4th bow stand would have been nice.


Thank you AAE Cavalier USA!

Thank you Precision High School Volunteers!

Thank you Van Patter Family!

Thank you Papago FITA Archers!



Archers: 35 JOADs and 6 Adults.

Targets: 12

Style:  JOAD Indoors (Bowman, Cub recurve, 60 cm – Bowman, Cub compound 40 cm outer 10 ring)




Papago FITA Archers

Tournament Director:

Mike Cullumber

Director of Shooting:

Heather Collins-Brunelle


Mike Braunstein, Gary Yamaguchi


Barbara Noblet, Mike Cullumber

Registration by:

Compete At Archery website

Arizona JOAD Co-Coordinators:

Steve and Linda Yturralde



Thursday:       Equipment delivery

Friday AM:     Equipment setup

Friday PM:     NASP tourney


8:00 AM      Doors open

9:00 AM      Check in

9:30 AM      Practice

10:41 AM    First 300 scoring

12:05 PM    Lunch:

1:10 PM      Second 300 scoring

2:45 PM      Archers check score cards

3:15 -3:45    Awards ceremony

Monday:        Tourney take down and equipment returned to Papago Park Archery.



Report by: Robert Pian