2015 Schedule LOCAL **All dates subject to change.
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Version V3.0
January 1 Holiday New Year's Day (Thursday)      
January 3-4          
January 8-10 ATA ATA Trade Show Indianapolis, IN  
January 10 ABFAA SW Sectional/Pre-Vegas AZ Archery Club  
January 15 - 17 USAA USA Archery Coach Symposium Colorado Springs, CO  
January 16-18 Lancaster Ar Lancaster Classic Lancaster, PA  
January 16-18 USAA-AZ Arizona State Indoor Championships BASF Indoor, Phx. AZ  
January 23-25 WA Indoor World Cup Stage 3 Nimes, FRA  
January 24-25 Tucson Tucson Senior Olympics TBD - Tucson    
January 25 Usery Usery Mountain Archers Stump Shoot Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
Jan. 31-Feb 1 USAA-AZ Arizona JOAD Indoor Championships BASF Indoor, Phx, AZ  
February 1   Super Bowl (Sunday)      
February 6-8 NFAA World Archery Festival/ World Cup Indoors #4/Finals Las Vegas, NV    
February 7-8          
February 14-15          
February 14   Valentine's Day (Saturday)      
Februay 15 Usery Mtn Cactus Classic Warm-up Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
February 20-22 USAA USA Archery National Indoors/JOAD Nationals - Regional CA, GA, MA, NM,  
February 21-22 Usery Mtn Cactus Classic 3D  Usery Mtn Parl, Mesa, AZ    
February 22-28 WAA WRE Santiago de Chile Santiago, Chili    
February 28 ABFAA ABFAA State Indoor AZ Archery Club    
Feb. 28-March 1 USAA USA Archery National Indoors/JOAD Nationals - Regional MI, , OH, TX  
March 6-8 USAA USA Archery National Indoors/JOAD Nationals - Regional MN, UT  
March 7 Papago Arizona Senior Olympics - Archery Papago Park, PHX, AZ    
March 8 Usery Mtn March Madness 3D Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
March 14-15 NFAA NFAA Indoor Championships Louisville, KY  
March 13-15 USAA USA Archery National Indoors/JOAD Nationals - Regional VA  
March 14-15 Papago AZ Grand Canyon State Games - Target Archery Papago Park, PHX, AZ    
March 16-22 WAA WRE Santo Domingo Dominican Rebublic    
March 21-22   Rumble In The Rocks (Dragoon) 3D Triangle T Ranch    
March 28-29 BASF Ben Avery Expo BASF, PHX, AZ    
April 5 Holiday Easter (Sunday)      
April 4-5          
April 7-12 USAA-AZ 2015 AAE Arizona Cup - WRE/Para WRE/USAT/RTT1 BASF  
April 11-12 Usery Mtn Train to Hunt Challenge Usery Mtn, Mesa, AZ  
April 18-19 ABFAA ABFAA State Field TBD  
April 24-26 USAA Gator Cup - USAT/ 2nd Trials Recurve/1st Trials Compound Newberry, FL  
April 25-26 USAA-AZ 2015 AZ State & JOAD Outdoor Championships BASF  
April 25-26   Pinal Mountain Gathering - 3D      
April 25-26 Usery Mtn Spring FITA Field Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
May 3 Usery Mtn Cinco de Mayo 3D Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
May 1-3 NFAA Redding Classic/NFAA Marked 3D Nationals Redding, CA    
May 9 Papago Papago 900 Papago Park, Phx, AZ    
May 5-10 WA Archery World Cup Stage 1 Shanghi, Chn  
May 10 Holiday Mothers' Day (Sunday)      
May 16-17 GMA Yavapai Mile High Classic - 3D Prescott    
May 16-17 Desert Sky The May Mayhem - 18/25 meter indoor BASF - Indoor    
May 21-24 USAA U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships TBD  
May 22-25 USAA USAA Intermediate JOAD Camp - hosted by Desert Sky Archers Phoenix, AZ  
May 23-24          
May 25 Holiday Memorial Day (Monday)      
May 26-31 WA Archery World Cup Stage 2 Antalya, TUR  
May 30-31          
June 7 AZJOAD Rules and Judge Seminar Scottsdale, AZ  
June 8-14 WA World Archery Youth Championships Yankton, SD, USA  
June 11-14 USAA USAA Intermediate Adult Camp - Desert Sky Summer Camp Phoenix, AZ  
June 13-14          
June 19-22 USAA SoCal Showdown - USAT/2nd Trials Compound Chula Vista, CA  
June 21 Holiday Fathers' Day (Sunday)      
June 22 - 26 WAA WRE Grand Prix Mexicano Cdad México o Mérida    
June 27-28          
July 1-5 USAA NTC/EJN Championships Decatur, Alabama  
July 4 Holiday Independence Day (Saturday)      
July 4-5          
July 4-8 WA Summer Universiade Gwangju, KOR  
July 11-12          
July 13-18 WAA XVII Pan American Games - Archery Toronto, ON CAN    
July 13-17   Desert Sky Summer Camp Phoenix, AZ  
July 18-19          
July 22-26 NFAA NFAA Outdoor Championships Yankton, SD ??    
July 25-26          
July 26-August 2 WA World Archery Championships Copenhagen, DEN  
August 1-2          
August 8-9   Summer Sizzle 18/25m Indoor BASF - Phoenix, AZ  
August 8-10 WAA Para Pan American Games Toronto, ON CAN    
August 11-16 WA Archery World Cup Stage 3 Wroclaw, POL  
August 15-16          
August 22-23          
August 23-30 WA World Archery Para Championships Donaueschingen, GER  
August 29-30          
September 4-6 USAA Texas Shootout - USAT/Ist Olympic Shoot College Station, TX  
September 7 Holiday Labor Day (Monday)      
September 8-13 WA Archery World Cup Stage 4 Medellin, COL  
September 12-13 ABFAA Duel In The Desert Arizona Trials TBD    
September 15-22 WA Rio 2016 Olympic Test Event Rio de Janeiro, BRA  
September 19-20          
October 3-4          
October 10-11 Desert Sky Fall Desert Classic - Outdoor BASF  
October 11 Usery Mtn Fall Fun 3D Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
October 17-18 ABFAA International Round TBD    
October 24-25 WA Archery World Cup Final Mexico City, MEX  
October 24-25 Usery Mtn State Field Championship Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
October 31 Papago Papago Halloween 900 Papago Park, Phx, AZ    
October 31 Holiday Halloween (Saturday)      
Oct. 31-Nov. 1          
November 7-8 AAC Copper Classic AZ Archery Club    
November 14-15          
November 14 Papago Senior Robinhood 900 Round Papago, Phx, AZ    
November 15 Usery Mtn Ham and Turkey 3D Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
November 21-22          
November 26 Holiday Thanksgiving (Thursday)      
November 28-29          
December 5-6 AZJOAD Iron Archer BASF-Indoor  
December 12 Papago Papago 900 Papago Park, Phx, AZ    
December 12-13          
December 13 Usery Mtn Winter Warm Up Usery Mtn Park, Mesa, AZ  
December 18 Desert Sky JOAD Christmas Party Shoot - Indoor BASF- Indoor    
December 19-20          
December 25 Holiday Christmas Day (Friday)              
December 26-27        
December 28-30   Desert Sky Winter Camp Phoenix, AZ
December 31 Holiday New Year's Eve (Thursdsay)