January 3rd, 4th and 5th 2003

World Indoor Archery Team Trials

Arizona Highlights

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, Virginia


Scores        NAA Press Release


Godwin Hall


Approximately 200 Junior and Senior NAA archers competed in the three-day, 2003 World Indoor Archery Team Trials (WIATT).  About half of the field were juniors competing in the junior female and male/ compound and recurve divisions. 


On day one, the competitors shot an 18m, 600 point round of 60 arrows.  The results of the 600 round narrowed the field to groups 8 or 16 for the two-day round robin competition.  All four Arizona 2003 Jr. US Archery Team members made the round robin cut.

On day two and three, the archers competed in round robin matches of 12 arrows.  Ties were decided by one arrow shoot offs.


Looking out of Godwin Hall at JMU



Results, this is how our Arizona Jr. USATs finished.


L to R  April Witt, Erica Anschutz, Cassandra Raffaelli


Aprilyn Witt, 2003 US World Indoor Junior Team:

April grabbed a solid hold on a team position in the 600 round.  The 8 person round robin proved to be a very competitive pack.  In spite of the stiff competition April maintained a strong grip on the team position with an “I’m having a fun time” attitude.  April finished in second place earning one of three US World Indoor Junior Compound Team members positions.


Lindsay Pian, 2003 US World Indoor Junior Alternate:

Lindsay’s first day finish put her in the middle of the pack in eighth place.  The 16 person round robin event was exciting with Lindsay winning 11 of her 15 matches.  The two-day round robin resulted in Lindsay bettering her position to fourth place for the US World Indoor Junior Recurve alternate position.


Ted Harden II, 2003 US World Indoor Team Trial Round Robin:

Ted’s first day 600 round ended with an exciting one arrow shoot off to allow the winning competitor to continue on to the 16 person round robin.  Ted won!  The round robin was grueling for all the junior recurve boys.  Ted has some great stories about the competition and getting to and from the venue.


L to R  Michelle Ragsdale, Jessica Grant, Mary Zorn


Jessica Grant, 2003 US World Indoor Senior Team:

Jessica competed as a Senior Female Compound in this NAA competition.  She took command of the 600 round and earned the #1 seed position for the 8 person round robin.  In the round robin, Jessi and the two other top competitors competed rigorously for the single funded senior female compound position.  Jessi finished in first place and earned the single funded position on the 2003 US World Indoor Senior Compound Team.


And… Mark Penaz, 2003 US World Indoor Junior Team Coach:

Mark is a member of the 2003 US Archery Team and Level 4 coach from Phoenix.  This year Mark was selected to be a coach for the junior team.  Congratulations Mark, the US junior world team is assured of having the best in coaching and support.



After the Tourney,

Jessi, Lindsay and April spent the last day

in snow covered Washington DC



Sky Harbor Welcoming Committee for April