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Hits and Misses


Bob Pian, your AZJOAD Coordinator, has a few thoughts that he would like to share from time to time:


Updated Oct. 28, 2003



There is lots to do before 2003 is over…



And by the way…. Arizona won the 2003 Women’s Duel in the Desert team competition.

The Mens and Overall competition was won be California.


This is what’s coming up for the final two months of the year. Check out the Events page for links.

Note that Seniors are invited to all AZJOAD events.


Saturday November 1st, 2003

Papago Park Archery Range

Introduction to Archery Free Event

City of Phoenix, AZJOAD


Saturday November 8th, 2003

Papago Park Archery Range

NFAA International Round

Frank Pearson School of Archery and the Papago Archers


Saturday November 15th, 2003

Papago Park Archery Range

Senior Olympic Program Tournament

City of Phoenix


Date and location to be announced

Adam Wheatcroft Memorial Benefit Indoor Tournament



Saturday December 13th, 2003

Papago Park Archery Range

Fall Star FITA



Check back often for changes including more indoor tournaments.



The President’s Challenge” replaces the Presidents Sports Award program


The President’s Challenge is a program of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.


The program includes Archery where participants qualify for the awards.  You can be an individual or participate as a group.  There is an activity log that you sign-up for and log into to record your progress.


Here is a link to the program information.


Here is the link to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports


This is a great program for JOADs and Seniors across the country.



What’s Happening?


After the June JOAD Nationals and the July, August Target Nationals, Arizona JOADs are taking a break from the daily heat.  USA World Teams are busy competing in the Pam Am Games in the Dominican Republic and the Olympic Test event in Athens, Greece.  This lay off will end soon just as the weather turns cooler.


First up is the need to clean up the ranges, Ben Avery, Papago, etc.  This should take place sometime in September.  If no one is organizing a clean up party at your local range, go ahead and do so.


Many are looking forward to a JOAD/Senior archery tournament of some sort on a monthly basis.  When it is not too hot, there are ample locations for outdoor tournaments.  Indoors is another matter all together.  Tucson has PSE.  The Valley is sorely lacking in indoor tournament space.  If you know of a space where an archery event could be set up, please let us know.


Remember that you must be an NAA member to participate in ASAA sanctioned events.  Sign up at the web site.  May I suggest that the family join with a family membership.  It’s a good deal and is a good way to support your USA World and Olympic Teams.


September 27th     is the scheduled date for a ½ FITA in the morning and an Olympic style qualifier in the afternoon at Papago Park.  JOADs and Seniors are encouraged to participate in either the morning, afternoon or both.  The event is a great opprotunity to see what a FITA is like.  JOAD distances are offered.


October 11th          is the date for the Duel in the Desert Trials.  This event is scheduled to be at the Ben Avery FITA event field.  The tourney will be a one-day FITA, 36 arrows at each of four distances.  JOAD distances are offered.  The Trials select a senior team of the 20 top recurve, compound, male and female archers to compete against California.  The Trials also select the top junior recurve, compound, male and female JOAD to join the team.  Team members will receive a team shirt and will have their entry fee paid for the Duel in the Desert paid for by the ASAA.  This year the Duel will be held in California.  We encourage all JOAD to come out and compete in this fun event.


October 25th and 26th is the Duel in the Desert.  It will be held in Long Beach California at El Dorado Park, the site of the 1980 LA Summer Olympics.  With any luck, Arizona will send a team of 24 archers.  Most will drive or fly into Long Beach airport on Friday.   The competition is a two-day FITA held on Saturday and Sunday.  Many will drive back or fly back to Arizona on Sunday night.  The visiting team, which Arizona is this year, often has difficulty fielding a full team.  JOADs have been known to make the Senior team in the past freeing up space for other Juniors to fill the 4 JOAD spots.   Serious Fun… all team members must shoot Senior distances.


                             Arizona is the defending champ.  California will be eager to take the title back. The tournament is an open tournament meaning that all NAA members are welcome to register and compete whether on the team or not. 


November and December is the traditional time for the Fall Star FITA.  November and December is also the time people gear up for the indoor season.  AZJOAD is ready willing and able to host all sorts of events , just ask.


June 30, 2003       No JOAD at Bear Mountain Archery (both locations) during August


June 22, 2003          Summer Schedule for Archery Headquarters/ Mesa Targeteers


                             Archery Headquarters in Chandler suspends the JOAD program for a portion of the summer to help hunters prepare for the archery hunting season.


                             2003 Saturday morning session schedule is as follows:

                             Classes June 28

                             Classes July 5

                             No Class July 12

                             No Class July 19

                             No Class July 26

                             No Class all of August

                             No Class September 6

                             Classes resume on September 13


                             If you have your own equipment, you may practice at the Archery Headquarters range by paying for range time.


                             Archery Headquarters has just remodeled their showroom…browse around.


                             Be sure to keep practicing at every opportunity.


                             This maybe a good time to buy your own bow and arrows, See Starting Out for more information.


                             Parents and adult volunteer types, consider taking the Level 2 certification class. Click Here


                             Also check out the other Targeteers programs and shooting opportunities.



May 25, 2003         Payson Shoot 2003


Its time for the Payson shoot to be held on June 21 and June 22, 2003.

The location is on the south side of Payson, which is very convenient to the Valley.


There are several great things about the Payson shoot.

q       First, it  is located in cooler summer Payson.

q       Second, the event is very flexible allowing the archers to shoot a ½ or full day FITA or 900 round.

q       Third, Harold Rush runs a very JOAD friendly tournament.  Kids are out of school in June and the Payson shoot is a GREAT first tournament.  You can expect lots of support if it’s your first time.

q       Finally, Harold Rush hosts a potluck at his home on Saturday evening.  It’s a great time to visit with other like-minded archery types.


For the event registration form Click Here


To get a better idea about the Payson shoot take at look at the

2002 Payson Shoot Results click here.

Last year was very dry,  Payson is much greener this year, but we probably will have open fire restrictions.



May 3, 2003          Fitness Run for JrUSAT and USAT


The National Archery Association Junior US Archery Team and Senior US Archery Team (Jr USAT and USAT) requirements include a test for fitness.  The test is typically a 12-minute run around a standard track.  There is also a swimming or a biking test if a physician determines that a run is not appropriate.See NAA USAT requirements


Last year one of Arizona’s Jr USAT members took the test at the Target Nationals only an hour before the beginning of a FITA.  Another member took theirs at JOAD Nationals.  The conditions were typical for a Michigan or Ohio summer morning, 80 degrees F, and 80 percent humidity.


AZJOAD is committed to offering the fitness run to all who are pursuing the US Archery Team to avoid having to run and then shoot on the same day.


Three Arizona JOADs and a senior NAA member took part in a fitness run test on Saturday morning May 3, 2003 at Coronado High School in Scottsdale, AZ.   NAA Level 2 Instructor and Arizona JOAD coordinator, Bob Pian, administered the test.


Each runner achieved the Fair level or better, one reached the top of the Fair rating and one achieved a Good rating.


Congratulations to all.


3-30-2003              NAA National Indoor

                             AZJOADs competed nationally with great success!


2003 JOAD Indoor Nationals:

Rio Rancho New Mexico proved to be “the place” for the AZJOAD to compete in the JOAD Indoor 600 round.

Arizona JOADs performed well and were rewarded by taking 12 top ten finishes.


Annie Frangos, Bowman Compound, 9th Place

Kerry Wais, Cub Compound, 6th Place

Brady Ellison, Cadet Compound 9th Place

Brandon Hunt, Junior Compound, 10th Place

Aprilyn Witt, Junior Compound, 2nd Place

Mack Huff, Bowman Recurve, 6th Place

Philip Cannon, Bowman Recurve 3rd Place

Corinna Ramirez, Bowman Recurve, 3rd Place

Ryan Davis, Cub Recurve, 5th Place

Mary Frangos, Cub Recurve, 2nd Place

Maggie Huff, Cadet Recurve, 2nd Place

Lindsay Pian, Cadet Recurve 1st Place


2003 Indoor Nationals:

Rio Rancho hosted the Indoor Nationals on the weekend following the JOAD Indoor Nationals. The Indoor Nationals is a two-day 1200 round.


The AZJOAD settled in, stayed focused and again several took top ten finishes. 

Please congratulate them when you see them.


Annie Frangos, Bowman Compound, 6th Place

Kerry Wais, Cub Compound, 7th Place

Brady Ellison, Cadet Compound 8th Place

Brandon Hunt, Junior Compound, 7th Place

Aprilyn Witt, Junior Compound, 1st Place

Philip Cannon, Bowman Recurve 3rd Place

Corinna Ramirez, Bowman Recurve, 6th Place

Ryan Davis, Cub Recurve, 9th Place

Mary Frangos, Cub Recurve, 5th Place

Maggie Huff, Cadet Recurve, 3rd Place

Lindsay Pian, Cadet Recurve 1st Place


These unofficial results were based on the March 28th results.


3-30-2003              The 2003 NAA JOAD camps information has been posted.


                             The camp is recommended for JOADs at least 14 years of age and have reached the “JOAD Achievement Award” level of “Archer” See the Karl Nelson Summary of JOAD Facts 2003, page 2 for the particulars.  (A 20 yd, 30 arrow, indoor score around 200)


                             Several Arizona JOADs have gone to the NAA JOAD camps including:


                             Chris Anstead, Lili Wyckoff. Jessica Grant, Ted Harden, April Witt,

                             Michael Mitchell, Ryan Goetz, Lindsay Pian, and Sarah Bernes.

                             Feel free to ask them questions.

                             All have returned with glowing reports of the fun time, good food, friendships made and solid archery training. Many would go again if time permitted. 


                             All reports that we have heard are that the week of NAA JOAD camp was well worth the $400 dollar fee.


                             Serious fun.


3-12-2003              Yippee it’s the Outdoor Season


              AZJOAD will be hosting two NAA FITA Target Qualifier “Sweat Equity” Tournaments  At the Ben Avery FITA Tournament range.  The dates are:


              Saturday April 19th and

              Saturday April 26th.


              Arizona has three opportunities to achieve qualifying scores in late March and early April of 2003.  They are the Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship (Seniors Welcome), the Arizona State Outdoor Championship (JOADs welcome) and the Arizona Cup. Register early.


              The late April tournaments are intended to provide additional opportunities for NAA member JOADs and seniors to obtain the qualifying scores.  National team qualifying scores requirements are published in the official NAA newsletter the Nock-Nock.  The World Target Trials will be held in Chula Vista, CA in early June 2003 where four qualifying scores are required.  Qualifying scores are also required for the US Archery Team (USAT) and the Jr. USAT.  The events will be an excellent way to work on tournament shooting after the State Championships and AZCup and before the JOAD and Target Nationals.


              These are “Sweat Equity” events.  The field and target equipment will be set up and taken down by the archers themselves.  Archers well need to also bring their own Bring a chair, shade canopy, water, beverages, snacks and food.  This is also a NAA register qualifying event.  N.A.A. and F.I.T.A. rules including dress code apply.


              As a one day FITA the tournament a quick pace is anticipated with only one shooting line offered.  Space is limited, please email your reservation early.  We will email a confirmation back to you.


              The entry fee ($15 juniors, $20 seniors) includes the $5 Ben Avery fee for archers 18 and older, the $15 NAA tournament registration fee, the $5 AZJOAD target butt rental and the target faces and score cards.  Proceeds, if any, are earmarked for a compact portable timing system and support of the Arizona members of Jr. USAT.


              Please participate, we are holding the event for you to qualify, practice and enjoy.


3-4-2003                March and April 2003:

                             Coming up is the National Indoor Championship held regionally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, March 7th, 8th and 9th, 2003.


                             The outdoor season begins with the Grand Canyon State Games on March 15th at Ben Avery.  It is followed by the AZJOAD State Outdoor Championship on March 29th the Arizona State Outdoor Championship on April 5th and 6th, where JOAD distances will also be contested.  Young JOAD will have a treat to be able to see the best archers in the world compete at the Arizona Cup on April 11th thru 14th.  Check out all these outdoor events held at Ben Avery. 


Please Register early. 

It really helps the hosts with target assignments and trophies!


                             February and the beginning of March 2003 were busy times.

                             AZJOAD held two AZJOAD 600 tourneys at Whitetail Outdoors.  The best part of the events was that several JOADs and at least one senior participated in their first tourney thanks to the AZJOAD 600.  Watch us grow!


                             The proceeds were split between Whitetail for range use and AZJOAD.  The AZJOAD portion of the registration fee were used to:

1.          Make a $10 prize drawing at the 3-1-2003, which Walt Smith won.

2.             Purchase target faces and supplies including a bow scale for tournament equipment inspection.

3.             Pay the NAA club registration fee for AZJOAD/SOAD/College Archery Association dues, which total $130 for 2003.


                             The JOADs competed in several tourneys in February including the Arizona JOAD State Indoors, the Arizona State Archery Association Indoor Championship and the Vegas Shoot.  See the separate write ups on each of these events.


                             Remember that we are here for you…let us know what you would like!


2-18-2003              2003 Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship at Ben Avery, Saturday,  March 29th, 2003


The 2003 Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, 2003 at the Ben Avery FITA Tournament range ( I-17 and the Carefree Highway in north Phoenix).

·         The event is a one-day 1440 FITA. (36 arrows at four distances).

·         The Harden family will host the event for the second year in a row.

·         Seniors and guests are welcome to participate in this STAR FITA event.

·         Plans are also in the works to offer a hotdog/hamburger lunch. (Phil and Dorothy Cannon of Tucson)

·         We hope to publish the registration form soon.

·         Check the web site frequently for the latest.


The AZJOAD Outdoor is the first of the season and just two weeks ahead of the AZ cup and one week ahead of the Arizona State Outdoor Championship.


Seniors and Guests are welcome.


Volunteers are always welcome both Friday for set up and Saturday during the tourney.


2-9-2003                What’s up next?

                             For those new to the sport, here is a summary of the remainder of the 2003 INDOOR events that your JOAD may wish to focus on.

                             I cannot emphasize how important it is to compete at every opportunity.  Each tournament  prepares you for the next tournament. 

·         February 15-16 (the weekend after the JOAD State Indoors) Arizona State Archery Association Indoor Championship.  The event is a 1200 round held over two days.  Same location as the Arizona JOAD State Indoors.

·         February 21-23, the weekend after the ASAA Indoors, World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.  This is a fun event with the youths competing on Friday and Saturday leaving Saturday night and Sunday open to enjoy Vegas.

·         March, National Indoor Championship.  This event is held regionally.  Most Arizonans will travel to Rio Rancho (Albuquerque) NM.  JOADs should participate in the Friday night NationalJOAD tournament and the Saturday/Sunday National tournament.  The scores will be compiled with the nine other regionals and then national placement determined.  This is a great tournament to see where you are on a national level.

After the indoor season, Arizona jumps right into the OUTDOOR season with the Grand Canyon State Games in mid March, Arizona State Archery Association Outdoor Championship in early April.  The Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship date is still pending.  Also don’t forget to take a look at the Arizona Cup.  It is a senior event where JOAD can watch Olympians and compound and recurve champions from around the world!  The JOADs and parents can observe some great form and have a look at the top equipment setups.

National tournaments of interest to JOADs are the US JOAD Championships in Denver CO in June and the National Target Championship in Reading, PA in July.

State competition is scheduled to return to Arizona at the Duel in the Desert Trials in October.  This year the Arizona Team selected at the trials will travel to Long Beach, CA. for the annual California vs. Arizona “Duel”.


Check the  web site and the Arizona JOAD Association link often for more events including qualifying events that are great for JOAD practice and the Fall Star FITA.


1-29-2003              DID YOU KNOW…


…That the Twin Moons Archers shoot at Papago Park on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM.

Twin Moons supports the Art and Practice of Medieval and Traditional Archery in the conjunction with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

They welcome all interested to come out and join in.


The central lanes at Papago Park have been striped. See photo.


1-25-2003              As requested there will be a practice 600 round tournament at Whitetail Outdoors  in preparation for the State Indoor Tournaments.  Click Here

                             This will be a great way for first timers to become familiar with tournaments.


1-23-2003              Its time for serious practice as the Arizona Indoor Tournament season begins

                             Here is a link to the event registration page

                             ASAA Events / Registration


                             The February 8th Arizona State JOAD Indoor Tournament will as be your first chance to set an AZJOAD record in 2003.  The records started just last year with the change in age divisions. Here is a link to the AZJOAD records page.

                             AZJOAD Records


1-16-2003              We are pleased to announce that PSE JOAD Shooters will be hosting the

                             2003 AZ State JOAD Indoor Championship on February 8th, 2003.

                             at PSE, 2727 N. Fairview Ave., Tucson, AZ 85705


                             Click on ASAA Event/Registration Page for  the registration and waiver forms and the schedule.


                             The tournament will begin at 10:00 AM to allow for travel time.

                             Early registration will help us to determine which awards to prepare.



2002 Hits and Misses Archive



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