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World Archery Festival

2008 Arizona JOAD Team Showdown

Feb. 22-24, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada



Arizona JOAD Team Trophies

Corner Kidz

3rd Place

Mesa Targeteers

2nd Place

Straight N Arrow

1st Place

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Story and photos by Linda and Steve Yturralde, 2008 Arizona Statewide Joad Coordinators

It was three years ago that Steve and I first brought Kyle to the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas.  Having never been to Las Vegas myself, I was in awe from the moment we arrived at the airport.  Not only were there glistening lights and the sounds of bells from every direction in the airport, there was also a hint of things to come.  As we waited for our luggage, I began to notice more and more people with bow cases in a variety of shapes and sizes.  As we waited in line for our taxi, my interest went beyond the bow cases to the people that were carrying them.  Archers from around the globe were assembling here, in Las Vegas, for what promised to be an exciting weekend; to compete with others from around the world that share their passion and dreams!   From the logos on their archery shirts, I noticed people from different parts of that world.  I was excited and I couldn’t imagine what my son was feeling!

After settling in at the Riviera Hotel, we went down to registration and I was again reminded of the enormity of it all.  People from around the globe hustling and bustling, scattering to practice and greeting friends they hadn’t seen since last year.  All the archers I know are “good people” and I was glad to see so many others shared my view.  Amid the commotion, Kyle and I made our way through the busy hallway and found ourselves standing in the open doorway of the main ballroom.  In stark contrast to the lively atmosphere that was behind us, the grand room was completely empty and quiet.  Empty, that is, except for two imposing rows of archery bales, a large set of grandstands and seating for dozens.  In the quiet you could feel the anticipation, the excitement of the competition to come.  I was in awe once again and as I looked at Kyle, he too was impressed and perhaps, a little in awe as well!  For a young archer, that ballroom may seem overwhelming.  But once the competition begins, the grandstands melt away and the focus begins.  This is where you hope that all those hours of practice pay off! 

As I said earlier, this was our third pilgrimage to the World Archery Festival.  Now we were the ones greeting old friends and experiencing this festival with a familiarity that made us feel right at home!   This year, however, Steve and I came as the Arizona JOAD Co-Coordinators.  This means that besides enjoying watching Kyle compete, we had the opportunity to coordinate the 4th annual 2008 Arizona JOAD Team Vegas Showdown.

One of the many questions asked by everyone was about the Arizona JOAD Team Vegas Competition and the three traveling trophies.  How did it get started and how is the team competition computed?  The Arizona JOAD Teams in Tucson, Phoenix and Mesa established the competition four years ago.

Click here to see the 2008 Team packet for Rules and Forms

Once you arrive in Las Vegas, the numbers of teams have to be established.  Only three teams will receive an award and be invited for pictures with their trophy.  Team members must be NAA members and also be state residents.  Each team is given 5 bonus points each for EACH team member shooting in the team competition and the team member must shoot in the team competition.  Once that is established, the team coach then takes the top three archer scores for both days of competition with one of the archers required to be a recurve shooter.  They add the total scores plus the bonus points and submit this to their coordinator to determine which team is First, Second and Third. 

This year Corner Kidz Archery from Glendale received third place while Mesa Targeteers received second place.  First place went to Straight-N-Arrow Archery of Phoenix.

Graciously, the National Field Archery Association let us hold our Arizona JOAD Team competition at the festival.  With three teams, made up of over 30 young archers, from around our state we held our “Showdown” and the results are now written in history.  While the teams were awarded with first, second and third placements, we all know in our heart-of-hearts, that they are all winners and deserve much for the courage and efforts as young archers. 

Special thanks needs to be given to M.J. Rogers and his wife Marihelen for their support and allowing the Arizona JOAD teams to take part in this event. 

Thank you.