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July 3-5, 2009

Downington, PA


PHOTOS                RESULTS

Photos by Gary Yamaguchi

Story by Barb Larrick

The 2009 JOAD Nationals took place over July 4th weekend in Downingtown, PA.  A total of 267 archers showed up, but one archer shot both recurve and compound making it 268 competitors scoring.

The event was held at a soccer complex and the fields were on different levels. This proved to be difficult for many reasons. The winds were coming across the bowman/cub field and down onto the Junior/Cadet field. This caused swirling winds for many of the outside targets. The winds came at different angels depending on where your target was located. The wind socks located at center field would be blowing straight back at the targets while the flags on the targets were blowing a completely different direction. The winds changed direction during ends being shot as well, making it very difficult to judge. The different level fields also made spectator viewing difficult as well. The shooting fields faced West and thus the afternoon/evening sun was directly into the shooters eyes, more so for left hand shooters then the right hand shooters, but both had to contend with it.

The evening after official practice, Lancaster Archery provided a free BBQ at their store in Lancaster, PA which was about 45 minutes from the field. That had to be the best BBQ I have ever had. It was also Coach Lee’s birthday so the JDT kids presented him with a cake and all signed a card for him as well.

On Friday night there were fireworks on the field where the archery took place, but I am not sure how many archers stayed because they expected 10,000 locals to be there and many felt it would take too long to get out afterwards and thus getting into bed too late. A group of about 50 or more all decided to head to the Winner’s Circle for dinner that night and everyone had a good time there.

The Arizona archers fared well despite the tricky winds:

Karissa Yamaguchi, Bowman Female Recurve, 1st place in the FITA with a score of 1287 and 1st Place in a new event for the Bowman called the Wand Shoot;

Mackenzie Kieborz, Junior Female Compound, 7th place in the FITA with a score of 1287 and 6th Place in the Olympic Round;

Nathan Yamaguchi, Cadet Male Recurve, 5th place in the FITA with a score of 1179 and 1st Place in the Olympic Round;

Kiley Larrick, Cadet Female Recurve, 5th place in the FITA with a score of 1175 and 1st Place in the Olympic Round;

In the Olympic Rounds, Nate had to face the #1 seed from the FITA, Matt Zumbo and was able to win and advance to the Gold Medal Match. Nate eventually won that match against #3 seed Chris Luman.  Kiley had to face the #2 seed from the FITA, Heather Trafford to advance to the Gold Medal Match. In the Gold medal match, Kiley was down by 3 points after the 3rd end and tied it the last end. She was shooting against the #1 seed, Miranda Leek. In the one arrow shoot off, they both shot their arrows almost at the same time. Kiley was able to shoot a 10 on the 9/10 line and Miranda shot a 9 just outside the 10 ring giving Kiley the Gold Medal.

Nathan’s and Kiley’s performance in the Olympic Round proves that it really does not matter where you qualify as long as you can handle the toe to toe pressure presented in the Olympic Rounds.