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2009 Prescott Senior Olympics

July 18, 2009

Prescott, Arizona


By Bob Park

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The Prescott Senior Olympics held their Archery Shoots (Olympic and traditional) on July 18, 2009. A new venue was needed for this seventh anniversary shoot since it had outgrown the comfortable capacity of Mile High Archery in Humboldt. This year there were 45 registrants for the two events. Up from 7 in the first year of the shoot.

The Olympic shoot included both recurve and compound classes and it was held in the old Armory building on Gurley St. This building belongs to Parks and Recreation Department in Prescott. The Arizona State Archery Association rented us nine of their target butts for this shoot and they were just enough for the archers that showed up. All participants shot 12, five arrow ends on a five spot or a one spot NFAA 20 yard target. A perfect score is an elusive 300.

Martin Martin (not a misprint) from Flagstaff had the high score for the day with a 298 with his compound bow in the 50-54 age group. He also told us of a new senior Olympic shoot in Flagstaff for the first time on September 27, 2009. Watch for more publicity for this event!

Michael Lee was high in the 55-59 group with a 295. Garry Beck in the 60-64 group took top honors with a 297. Harold Van Sant shot a 273 in the 65-69 group, Jim David tied with Jim Hamilton at 292 in the 70-74 group and I took top score of 286 in the 80-84 age group since there were no others in this group. 

In the recurve shooters, Michael Harwood placed first with a 261 in the 50-54 group, David Aprea got a 270 to lead the 65-69  group, Billy Chapman led the 70-74 group with a 260 and Gary Wiltse got a gold in the 75-79 group with 263.

Two ladies shot in the compound category and in the same age group. Winner was Charlene Dockray with a 279.

In the P.M. Traditional shoot, all 11 archers shot the one spot face from 15 yards. And as you might imagine this went much faster since there were no sights allowed.

Tad Earl shot a 237 for top honors  in the 55-59 group recurve. This tied Howard Harkey in the 55-59 longbow class.

In  60-64, Dennis  Mowery won with a 211. John Heffelfinger shot both A.M. and P.M. shoots and won his 65-69 group with a 220 in the P.M. Robert Smith took top in the 70+ group with a 135.

John Nay shot a 247 in the newest class, compound finger, no sights.

Several archers shot both shoots and everyone agreed that this new venue was a great improvement over the crowded conditions in previous years. And there was lots of room for wives or significant others to watch in comfort.

A good time was had by all.