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2010 Judges Seminar

Dec. 11, 2010

Scottsdale, Arizona


by Bob Pian, Instructor


Beginner judge seminar students complete judge applications after the lunch break.

The seminar provided essential information and training http://www.azjoad.com/2010/2010-Beginner-Judge-Seminar-Outline.pdf and included information about all phases of judging. Judges help to conduct fair, efficient and effective tournaments for the archers.

Four ASAA members took part in this December 2010 beginner judge seminar: 

  • Steve Yee, Corner Archery

  • Sandra Reynolds, Paseo Vista Archery

  • Bill Martin, Desert Sky Archers

  • Janet Yamaguchi, Paseo Vista Archery

More information about judge can be found on the USA Archery website http://usarchery.org/programs/judges  and on the Arizona JOAD website: http://www.azjoad.com/main/resources.htm#judging

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