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Judges Seminar held for Beginners and Veterans

January 10, 2010

Scottsdale, Arizona


Six become Arizona USAA Judge Candidate Applicants. 

Beginners and Veteran participate in Judges and new rules seminar.

Six USAA Judge Candidate applicants joined Arizona USAA Judges for a one day beginners and new rules seminar hosted by AZJOAD on January 10,2010  in Scottsdale. 

By day’s end, the following had their applications for USAA Judge Candidate on the way.

  • Anthony Goldtooth

  • Michaela Richard

  • Paula Simpson

  • Boni Lowney

  • Angi Lopez

  • Lynn Van Patter  

Joining the applicants at the seminar were three current judges,

  • Mike Cullumber

  • Diane Tone

  • Gary Yamguchi

“It is great to see the participation by new judge applicants that are eager help conduct tournaments.  It was also a pleasure to help coaches learn how to better prepare archers for the new competition rules.  Bob Pian, seminar host and FITA Judge Candidate.  “Please thank the judges when you see them working a tournament.   The archers cannot compete without tournament judges.

Here is a link to a list of Arizona USAA/FITA judges: 2010_AZ-USAA_Judges.pdf