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2010 Iron Archer Story

Dec. 4-5, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona


by Bob Pian


The 2010 Iron Archer was the biggest to date with 43 taking part in at least one of the two 18 meter 600 ranking rounds.  The Ben Avery Shooting Facility air conditioned indoor range is the largest permanent indoor range in AZ with space for 13 targets.  The range is shared with air gun.  The range includes tables, chairs.  Tournament set up includes extra targets, taped distance and marks, timers, PA mixer, mics and speaker, computers and displays, ipod, displays, bottled water and signage and score flip cards for set matches.


Day one went smoothly with many new youth archers taking part in their first indoor tournament.  Extra time was taken to teach the process the new archers. Leaderboard was promptly updated every other end.


Day two round robins were seeded from the day one ranking rounds.  Five of the seven match rounds included shoot offs to determine the match winner.  Two of the flights required shoot-offs to determine the flight champions.  This year’s awards were made from cast Iron skillets.  Flight match wins were displayed after every match.


Special thanks to the Miscione family for help with take down before making the 6 hour drive home!

Special thanks to Boy Scout Troop 747 for providing lunch and snacks both days.


Note:  Two circumstances resulted in last minute and extra ordinary actions.

  • An archer withdrew due to illness at 4:57am on the day of the round robins.  The tournament issued an email and text message archers just below the cut of the opening.  An archer was found resulting in a full flight.

  • An archer was not able to compete in all of the RR matches.  To insure that no archer receives an unfair advantage, and in keeping with current USAA round robins match procedures, all the RR match results of the archer who did not compete in all matches, were not used for RR ranking.  Archers are reminded that integrity of the competition requires that the archers compete for the entire event.

It has been a pleasure to host the Iron Archer round robin event since 2002 (except 2008).  The event continues to offer a combination of world target archery style experience, youth development and head to head competition match play.  Proceeds from the Iron Archer fund AZJOAD archery development and programs.  Thank you for your continued and ever growing support of the Iron Archer.



Location: Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Hosted by AZJOAD

Tournament Director and Technical Delegate:  Bob Pian

DOS and Judge:  Bob Pian

Schedule and Results:  Janice Price

Leaderboard:  Lisa Miscione, Lynn Van Patter and Janice Price

Food:  Scout Troop 747, Event leaders: Mike Van Patter

Venue club:  Desert Sky Archers:  Lynn Van Patter

# of Target: 12 (range capacity 13 targets)


Registration:  First use of “Jotform” online registration

Set up:  Friday 4:20pm to 7:30pm


Day one 600 round

43 Archers (24 youth)


Morning- AB-CD

Practice 8:30pm

Score:  9:00pm

End 1:00pm



Practice 1:30pm

Score: 2:00pm

End 4:15


Day two, 7 round robin matches – Max 5 sets of three arrows each plus one arrow shoot off

24 (13 youths)


Practice 8:30am

Match 1 (Shoot off): 9:00am

Match 2 (Shoot off): 9:34am

Match 3 (Shoot off): 10:08am

Match 4: 10:41am

Lunch:  11:10am

Match 5: 11:48am

Match 6 (Shoot off): 12:17am

Match 7 (Shoot off): 12:52am

Bronze flight champion shoot offs:  1:25pm and 2:30pm

Silver flight champion shoot offs: 1:30pm

Awards:  1:40pm


Take down, load up, put away: 

1:45pm to 4:00pm