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2011 Arizona JOAD Team Showdown Story

World Archery Festival

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Desert Sky Archers

Paseo Vista Archery Club

Precision Shooters

Paseo Vista Archery Club

Precision shooters

Corner Kidz



The 2011 Las Vegas JOAD Team Showdown saw a record number of Arizona youth compete as individuals in the World Archery Festival and as teams. 


The JOAD programs in Arizona sent 41 youth archers from six different clubs this year!


Clubs ttending this year’s event:

  • Corner Kidz with ten archers

  • Desert Sky Archers with seven

  • Papago Sidewinders had seven

  • Paseo Vista Archery Club competed with seven

  • Precision Shooters sent three archers

  • Targeteers had seven compete although eight made the trip with one youngster falling ill prior to the start of the competition. 


Individual scores from the two days of competition were entered into a spreadsheet and calculated based on a formula created last year.  Taking home the Gold trophy in 2011 was Paseo Vista Archery Club based in Chandler.  The Silver trophy went to Desert Sky Archers from North Phoenix, and the Bronze trophy went to Precision Shooters from Tucson.


In addition to the team competition, a number of Arizona JOAD took home individual medals for their finishes in the World Archery Festival competition.


  • Samuel Watson             1st         Precision Shooters

  • Karissa Yamaguchi      1st         Paseo Vista Archery Club

  • Yasmin Aghili                3rd        Paseo Vista Archery Club

  • Spencer Yee                 3rd        Corner Kidz

  • Sami Lopez                   3rd        Papago Sidewinders

  • Cinder Sexton              3rd        Desert Sky Archers


Other notable Arizona JOAD accomplishments: 

  • Nathan Yamaguchi won the Recurve Flights!

  • Kiley Larrick competed in the Championship Recurve Women’s division.


Following up two days of competition, a number of the Arizona JOADs watched the World Cup Challenge to cheer on Brady Ellison.  Afterwards, 18 archers from Desert Sky Archers and Paseo Vista Archery Club, along with some friends from Roadrunner Chula Vista Archery Club spent the evening at the Adventuredome in Circus Circus.  The competition was complete and the friendships blossomed.


Congratulations to all the competitors and the JOAD clubs for such an outstanding showing.  We look forward to seeing many more in 2012!