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2012 ASAA Outdoor Championship - Story

and 2012 Duel  Team Trials

October 6 - 7, 2012

Phoenix, Arizona



The tourney was well attended, 74 registrants, with the youth archers outnumbering the seniors.  Lots of activity including Corner Kids, Eric Bennett Paralympic London 2012 memorabilia, and Hoyt Elite Series (R/C) bow raffles for the Steve Yee Benefit.

Behind the line, there were many notables in the stands, and or coaching including:

  • KIM Soo Nyung, http://www.archery.org/content.asp?id=1036&me_id=836&cnt_id=6787 World Archery Archer of the Century

  • Eric Bennett, London 2012 Paralympian and Beijing 2008 medalist, who presented the state championship awards plaques

  • USA Olympic Medalist Rick McKinney

  • USA Olympic Team Coach Mel Nichols

  • USA Olympic Coach Sheri Rhodes

  • USA Olympic Coach Alexander Kirrillov

  • Team leaders and coaches from Paseo Vista, Corner Kidz, Hearn Academy and Desert Sky Archers JOAD teams.


  • A large Tucson contingent was also in attendance. 

  • New for 2012 was Crossbow.  Two started, one finished.

  • Registration was uneventful others than many were indecisive with regards to duel trials participation. 

  • Equipment inspection was also uneventful except for the new crossbow participation.  

  • Some new to USA Archery Arizona Members were given verbal instructions on the dress code to reinforce the printed information. 

  • Most archers are familiar with music during the competition as is the standard around the world and at national events.  Some are not, but are learning.

  • Kona Ice provided a nice refreshment.


  • Four distance FITA, day one long distances, day two short distances.

  • Day one was shot with slight breezes, temp 80 and low 90s and without a single equipment failure.  Lunch break and move target break was one hour long each day.

  • Day two short distances, had two bounce-outs at the Bowman 20 meter distance.   Weather became windy during the final ends around 1 PM.

  • The awards ceremony took place as soon as the scorecards were turned in and scores complied on day two.  State Championship plaques were presented, name tags to follow.

  • The Duel team trails involves a “complex” formula to allow Master and Cadets to compete for the team by using common distance /target face size scores. 


Thank you to the volunteers from the JOAD clubs for helping to set up and take down.

Photo links as they become available

Tips for next time:

  • More volunteers (Typical)

  • Separate State Championship from Duel Trials (Clubs are encourage to host events at BASF)

  • Lunch vendor on site

  • New USAA AZ members and first time tourney archers should be given extra pre tourney instruction regarding dress code (no levis, no camo, sport or other closed toed shoes)