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June 18, 2003     Level II Certification Class announced.  Click Here

June 18, 2003     AZJOAD and Pineapple Archery compete at JrUSAT Southern Illinois Cup.  Click Here

June 18, 2003     AZJOAD Summary of World Trials Tourney in Chula Vista. Click Here


May 28, 2003      Papago Park June Schedule announced.  Click Here

May 25, 2003      Starting Out has been rewritten. (left column link)

May 25, 2003      The Payson Shoot, a JOADs  perfect first tourney.  Click Here

May 25, 2003      National Archery in the Schools Click Here

May 18, 2003      Another Round Robin Tourney  Click Here

May 16, 2003      No JOAD at Chandler Archery Headquarters on Saturday, June 7, 2003

May 11, 2003      Yes…Another Round Robin Tournament on May 18.  Click Here

May 10, 2003      Today’s RR Tournament Click Here

May 6, 2003        European Grand Prix in Croatia.  Cool Realtime scores.  See lots of the folks that came to the AZ Cup.  Click Here  Follow the USA team.

May 5, 2003        NAA launched their new websiteClick on “USA Archery” in our left column to get to their current home page

May 5, 2003        Round Robin Tournament Click Here

May 3, 2003        NAA adds 4th JrUSAT Qualifier in Carbondale, Illinois. Click Here

May 3, 2003        Papago Park Practice a Hit  Click Here

May 3, 2003        Hits and Misses highlights the Fitness Run.  Click Here


April 27, 2003     Papago Park AZJOAD/SOAD Inaugural Event  Click Here

April 27, 2003     Fitness Test Location = Coronado High School  Click Here

April 27, 2003     Papago Park Training Events Ready  Click Here

April 20, 2003     AZJOAD to offer Fitness Test on May 3.  Click Here

April 20, 2003     Happy Easter –AZJOAD State Records Updated. Click Here

April 19, 2003     2003 AZ Cup Highlights.  Click Here

April 10, 2003     The Papago range is ready for action!  Click Here

April 9, 2003       2002 ASAA Toxophilite Awards Click Here

April 7, 2003       ASAA Outdoor Championship Highlights  Click Here

April 3, 2003       Papago Park Range Improvements include new storage container.  Click Here


March 30, 2003   AZJOAD Outdoor Championship highlights.  Click Here

March 20, 2003   Olympic Training Center - JOAD Training Camps scheduled, sign up early.  Click Here

March 17, 2003   Unofficial National Records pages added.  Click here or in left column

March 15, 2003   Grand Canyon State Games highlights  Click here

March 14, 2003   World Target Champions Return from France.  Click Here

March 12, 2003   Rio Rancho highlights Click Here

March 2, 2003     AZJOAD 600 practice tourney.  Click Here


Feb. 24, 2003     World Archery Festival in Las Vegas. AZJOAD Highlights  Click Here

Feb. 18, 2003     Sign up for the free NAA JOAD Newsletter, “The X-Files”  Click Here 

                         Thank you Texas

Feb. 18, 2003     Hits and Misses and the AZJOAD Outdoor Championship  Click Here

Feb. 16, 2003     ASAA Indoor Championships. JOAD Highlights. Click Here

Feb. 13, 2003     ARIZONA REPUBLIC features Sarah Bernes and Lindsay Pian Click Here

Feb. 10, 2003     AZJOAD 600 Tournament Series continues on March 1  Click Here

Feb. 9, 2003       AZ JOAD Indoor Championship Highlights  Click Here

Feb. 8, 2003       See new Arizona State JOAD Records  Click Here

Feb. 8, 2003       Arizona JOAD State Indoor Results  Click Here 

Feb. 4, 2003       Interested in one last indoor 600 or outdoor FITA qualifiers?  Click Here

Feb. 3, 2003       April Witt featured in West Valley View.  Click Here

Feb. 1, 2003       AZJOAD 600 and photos.  Click Here


Jan. 29, 2003      Papago Park striped.  Click Here    Archery club shoots on Sunday mornings

Jan. 29, 2003      JOAD National Outdoor Championship in Denver is posted.  Click Here

Jan. 27, 2003      NAA National Indoor link added to Events. Click Here

Jan. 25, 2003      Upcoming Indoor 600 Round, Click Here  Also added to the Hits and Misses and Events pages.

Jan. 23, 2003      JOAD’s John Kennedy featured on Fouhy’s Small Stars.

                         Click on “Learning the Sport of Archery” for streaming video.

Jan. 23, 2003      Hits and Misses

Jan. 23, 2003      See “Other Pages” link in left column for listing of AZJOAD pages that are not part of the regular Contents list.


Jan. 18, 2003      Papago Park Clean-up. Click Here

Jan. 16, 2003      ASAA has posted the Registration for the Arizona State JOAD tournament.  Click here   Also added to Events and Hits and Misses

Jan. 13, 2003      ASAA is hosting the JOAD National “Mail-in/Call-in” shoot.  Click Here

Jan. 13, 2003      NAA Indoors and Grand Canyon State Games Updated.  Click Here

Jan. 8, 2003       World Indoor Archery Tournament Trials Highlights.  Click Here