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Frequently asked Questions




Youth Archery Programs in Arizona


Kids and parents are always on the look out for interesting activities.

They can find target archery programs in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.




Q:  What is JOAD?

A:  Junior Olympic Archery Development or JOAD is administered by the National Archery Association, NAA. The NAA is sanctioned by the US Olympic Committee to oversee US Olympic Archery.  JOAD activities range from beginner instruction and outreach to world championship competition.  JOAD missions range from character development to international championship competition.

Q:  Where can I find classes, camps or programs that teach youth archery or JOAD?

A:  You can find out about them from the http://www.azjoad.com/main/youth_clubs.htm  link on www.azjoad.com.


Tip:  Take part in several programs multiple times to help determine if one program is better suited to you than another.

Q:  What happens at a JOAD program?

A:  Youths are taught the basic safe steps to use a bow and arrow for target archery by trained and certified instructors.

Tip:  The key to getting the most out of JOAD is for the child to ask for help from the instructors.

Q:  When are the sessions?

A:  Most Arizona programs are offered once a week.  Contact the "Club" for the schedule.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Most formal Arizona JOAD programs charge by the session.  Contact the "Club" for the cost.  The cost typically includes instruction, range fee and equipment use fee.

Q:  What should I expect?

A:  Eight sessions is enough time for the instructors to determine if a youth has potential as an archer.  Some will take the experience and move on.  Others will want to take the next step further in archery development.

Q:  What is the next step?

A:  Equipment, Coaching and training.

Tip:  Set goals, both short range and long range.

Step 1.  Purchasing equipment so that the archer can practice through out the week is typical.

Tip:  Purchase equipment that fits right now.  It is the only way to develop proper form now.  Without proper form now, there will be no later.


Step 2.  Coaching is available from the club instructors or from higher level NAA Level 3 and 4 certified coaches.  A list of coaches is available on the NAA website, www.usarchery.org.  A typical coaching schedule ranges from weekly to monthly.  Costs vary.


Step 3.  Training:  Practice needs to be fun and that often means social.  Intermediate and Advanced JOAD club session provide the fun and social element.  Practice can also take place at an indoor at outdoor archery range or at home.

Q:  Where can I find out more information?

A:  USA Archery JOAD  www.usaarcheryjoad.org .  Other Links to other organizations and many other are available on www.azjoad.com.  Some of the best information is available from fellow JOAD archers and their parents.  Many have been where you are going and are eager to share their experiences.  


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