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Updated Aug. 4, 2002

21st Junior Olympic National Target Championship



Tournament held July 12-14, 2002      West Chester, Ohio


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The 2002 JOAD National Outdoor Target Tournament was held in West Chester, Ohio (outside of Cincinnati) on July 10 to the 14th.  Eight JOADs and their parents represented Arizona.  Our Arizonans did very well with all on the leader board throughout the Tournament!  Please join in congratulating all our AZJOADs (their coaches and parents) for their dedication.  Arizona can be proud of their sportsmanship and achievement.


Background:  Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a part of the National Archery Association (NAA).  The NAA is the sanctioned US affiliate for the US Olympic Committee (USOC) and Federation International Target Archery (FITA).  There are four JOAD competitive age groups with classifications for males and females, Bowman (8-12), Cub (13-14), Cadet (15-16) and Junior (17-18).  Each competes in Recurve bow (Olympic Style) or Compound bow.  This makes for a total of 16 divisions.


Over 300 JOADs participated from all over the USA to pursue these National Titles


WOW!!  Arizona JOADs won 4 of the 16 championships. Three other JOADs, had very respectable top 5 placements.  Way to go Desert Destroyers, Targeteers, Fiesta JOADs and AZJOADs!  Two of the eight are members of the Junior United States Archery Team (Jr. USAT) and the Jr. World Team.  The Jr. World Team will compete in the Czech Republic in August, 2002.


Bowman Class, two day FITA competition


·     Annie Frangos, Female Compound.


     With new bow and setup Annie won 4th place.  Good job Annie!  We wish you continued success as you compete in the Bowman class and fine-tune the new bow and arrows.


·     Mary Frangos, Female Recurve, 2002 Junior Olympic National Target Champion


     Mary started slowly and was behind after day one.  Day two found Mary in top form and focus, ultimately winning the competition on the “last arrow”.  A real nail biter.  Congratulations to Mary Frangos National Champion.  Mary will be in the Cub class next year.


·     Ryan Davis, Male Recurve, 2002 Junior Olympic National Target Champion


     Congratulations Ryan for leading all the way through the tournament both Friday and Saturday and winning the National Championship in commanding fashion.  It will be exciting to watch Ryan in years to come.  Ryan will be a Cub next year.           

Cub Class,  FITA and Olympic round


·     Sarah Bernes, Female Recurve.


     Relatively new to competition, Sarah was in medal contention through out the FITA tournament.  Final distance focus found Sarah securing second place on the “last arrow”.  FITA Silver.  In the Olympic Round, Sarah competed into the quarterfinals.  Outstanding performance for her first Cub Class National Competition.  Sarah will be a Cadet next year.


Cadet Class,  FITA and Olympic round


·     Lindsay Pian, Female Recurve, 2002 Junior Olympic National Target Champion


     Top form put Lindsay #1 on the leader board from the beginning to the end of the two-day FITA.  The Olympic Round was hard fought to win the Bronze medal.  The Combination of the FITA and Olympic Round placed Lindsay #1 overall becoming the National Champion.


Junior Class,  FITA and Olympic round


·     Aprilyn Witt, Female Compound


     As a FITA team round member, April won a team bronze medal.  In the FITA portion of the competition, April stayed on the upper end of the leader board and was in 2nd place after the first day of competition.  The grueling second day closed with April in 4th place after the FITA.  April made it to the great eight quarterfinals. Good Shooting April.  We hope to see you on the Jr. USAT. 


·     Jessica Grant, Female Compound, Jr. USAT, US Jr. World Team Member, 2002 Junior Olympic National Target Champion


     Jessica retained a commanding lead throughout the tournament.  Dedication and practice secured FITA Gold, which translates to the #1 seed in the Olympic Round.  In the all or nothing Junior Olympic Round, Jessica continued to dominate to become a two time National Champion.  Jessica Grant is the National Champion in her final year of JOAD competition.


·     Ted Harden II, Male Recurve, Jr. USAT, US Jr. World Team Member


     Ted II, fought his way on to the leader board with a 9th Place finish at the end of the FITA for middle of the pack Olympic Round placement.  Unfortunate placement as it turns out as Ted lost to the eventual Olympic Round and tournament winner.  We will see Ted again.




Annie Frangos, Mary Frangos, Sarah Bernes, April Witt, Lindsay Pian, Jessica Grant and Ted Harden II all practice and participate in Tournaments at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility FITA Archery Range. Thank you Arizona Game and Fish Department.


Annie Frangos, Mary Frangos, Sarah Bernes, April Witt, Lindsay Pian, Jessica Grant and Ted Harden II all practice and participate in Tournaments at Fiesta JOAD Archery.  Thank you, Mike Koistinen and Loren Braud.


Jessica Grant also shoots out of Wild West Archery.  Thanks Wild West.


Sarah Bernes and Lindsay Pian began their archery training with Mickey Dye and the Mesa Targeteers.  Thank you Mickey, Paula and Bob.


Ryan Davis trains in Tucson, Arizona as part of the Desert Destroyers and with PSE at their indoor and outdoor archery range.  Thank you Lawrence and PSE.