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Update Aug. 21, 2002




The USA won six medals at the

VII World Target Archery Junior Championship 2002 held this August.




Jessica Grant won Team Gold as part of the

Junior Female Compound Team.


Ted Harden II represented the USA and Arizona as part of the Junior Male Olympic Team.






The tournament results show how challenging the competition was.  Reports are that the event did a good job of USA TEAM fellowship-building, too.


Here are the links to the tournament results and news: http://www.archery.org/Nymburk2002/index.html

This link will take you to the Czech Archery Federation site and photos http://www.czarc.com/junwchamp/



Jr. World Team Trials Highlights



Tournament held June 7 – 9, 2002

ARCO, Chula Vista, CA


·         The 2002 Jr. World Team Trials selects thirty-two juniors and cadets to represent the best of the best the USA can offer for the Junior World Team Tournament in August.   NAA News Release, 2002


·         Thanks to dedicated AZJOAD youth archers, their supportive parents and adult volunteer leaders, Arizona can be proud of the seven participants that made up the AZJOAD contingent to this BI-annual event.  


·         The Olympic training center in Chula Vista, CA was the site of the Trials.  Weather was enjoyable for the spectators during Friday afternoon practice.  The archers contended daily with the ever-present winds.  Spectators and athletes alike were “ chilled” both Saturday and Sunday by temperatures in the 60s.


·         The trials are somewhat unique in format and scoring with emphasis on competition at the 70-meter distance.  The event started scoring on Saturday with a one day FITA.  The field was trimmed to the top eight in each of eight categories for the Sunday competition.  Sunday events included an Olympic Round, a Round Robin, and scoring during the round robin, all contested at 70 meters.  Shooters and parents alike, road a roller coaster of emotions as the event progressed.  The uniqueness of the event makes the understanding of the scoring rather complicated. NAA Posted Results


·         By the end of Sunday, two AZJOADs had been selected for the Jr. World Team.  We can be proud of all our USA JOADs for their achievement and sportsmanship.  Rest assured that our country will be represented by fine examples of America’s future.


Here is a brief summary of each of our AZJOADs performance at the Trials:


Sarah Bernes, Cadet Female Recurve:

      Sarah shot one classification higher that her normal “Cub” status and scored a personal best FITA tournament score in challenging conditions.  Most importantly, valuable tournament experience was gained.  Congratulations Sarah!


Maria Frangos, Cadet Female Recurve:

      Mary shot two classification higher than her “Bowman” age category and finished fifth in the FITA in a field of fourteen to make the eight person cut for Sunday competition.  She also posted a personal best FITA tournament score of 1079. On Sunday, Mary was competitive on each and every match, winning some, with a final ranking of 6th. 


      In a recent NAA press release it was announced that Mary will be attending the JOAD Olympian camp in August.  See Junior Olympian Camp information for this prestigious national honor.


Lindsay Pian, Cadet Female Recurve:

      With a seventh place finish in the FITA, Lindsay went on to compete Sunday with a balanced performance.  The highlight for athlete, family and friends alike was the Olympic Round where Lindsay competed in the Bronze medal match.  This event features a side-by-side competition and full field PA announcing each arrow.  Lindsay’s performance resulted in an 7th place overall finish.


Aprilyn Witt, Junior Female Compound:

      April shot one classification higher than her age ranking and proved she belonged there by placing fourth in the FITA tourney.  On Sunday,  April went on to win the exciting Olympic Round with a Gold medal first place finish.  The second half of Sunday found April fighting the relentless winds for a fifth place overall finish against the “Best of the Best”. 


      NAA has also announced that April will be attending the JOAD Olympian camp in August.  See Junior Olympian Camp information for this deserved national honor.


Ted Harden II, Junior Male Recurve:

      The 2002 Arizona Toxophilite award winner posted a personal best 1200 in the FITA round that resulted in a highly contested third place finish.  Ted went on to shoot well through the Olympic round to take the Silver medal for second place.  The Round Robin matches tested all with the competitors practically tied during the entire tourney.  Ted won a position on the four-member team.  This young man will be a great representative for USA and Arizona.


Jessica Grant, Junior Female Compound:

      This junior “veteran” of world competition dominated in her last year as a junior:

Ø         FITA, First Place.

Ø         Olympic Round, Bronze Medal.

Ø         Round Robin, Won 6 out of 7 matches!

      Jessica’s experience will lead the US team at the Junior World Team Tournament.  A great achievement for years of dedicated practice and work!


Mike Koistenin,  Jr. World Team Trials Official:

      As President of the Arizona State Archery Association and owner/operator of Fiesta Archery,  Mike works for betterment of archery including youth archery in Arizona.  Mike officiated all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was part of the large support team necessary to host a successful tournament.  All the archers listed above have spent a significant amount of time at Fiesta Archery JOAD.  We cannot thank Mike enough for his work and support.


Congratulate all these AZJOADs for their hard work and achievement.  Most importantly, everyone had a good time!  Remember, none of this could happen without supportive parents and adult volunteers. 


Now on to the JOAD Nationals in July.  Be sure to visit www.azarchery.com for more information about target archery.  Question, please email us…. Our email addresses are posted on www.azarchery.com or for AZJOAD email me at azjoad@cox.net.


Good shooting to all…Bob Pian