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Fall Fiesta 600



With the closing of Fiesta Archery, this tournament series has lost its venue.  Check back often at www.azarchery.com for news on the remaining tournaments.


Nov. 16, 2002 – 600 Tourney –Round I


Round 1 Contenders


15 participated in the first of four events at Fiesta Archery, Phoenix.  Many came from around Arizona including Roger Williams of Cottonwood, Becky Pearson of Vail, and Harold Rush of Payson. 


The field included 3-Jr. USAT members, a USAT member, a World Field Archery Championship US team member and two other top 10 NAA national ranked archers.


5 competed in the recurve division and 10 in the compound division.  Practice began right after 8:00 AM.   A rapid pace resulted in the event being over well before 11:00 AM.


Some great scores were posted.  The daily purse prizes were awarded. Recurve winners were Lindsay Pian and Jerry Borum.  Compound winners were Mark Penaz, Jon Brewington, Becky Pearson and Mike Koistinen. 


Prizes to JOADs and collegiate level participants were declined by the amateur athletes in compliance with NCAA amateurism eligibility requirements. The tournament has elected to donate funds to AZJOAD with the understanding that the donation is in no way contingent on the amateur athletes  performance.


$75 was added to the round robin purse that

will be contested on Dec. 28, 2002.


This “tournament” series has just begun.  There is time to join and play for the daily purse and the round robin mega purse. 


Come vie for the Iron Archer award.



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The Group is all business competing for the Cash Prize Purse