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Four Arizona JOADs named to the

2003 Junior USAT.



Sept. 13, 2002


Jessica Grant      Female Compound Bow
Aprilyn Witt         Female Compound Bow

Ted Harden II       Male Olympic Bow

Lindsay Pian       Cadet Female Olympic Bow


Selection is based on the following criteria:


      Fitness Run Achievement

      Qualifying Score for Juniors

      Final rankings in the National Archery Association selected competitions held during 2002, such as the JOAD Nationals and the National Target Championships


See the NAA website for the complete JrUSAT team.  Note how well the western states did.  For more on USAT, click here


These Arizonans are just a few of the dedicated Arizona JOADs, and their coaches and parents we are fortunate to have represent our State. 


Many more youth archers fill the Arizona JOAD clubs weekly for the fun of it, and some for the competition.  Those curious or who desire a little more should sign up for a tournament and shoot. 


The Duel in the Desert Trials is a great outdoor tournament for youth and adult beginners.  Sign up


      Novices should know that the Duel Trials is a two-day tournament.  36 arrows are scored at two distances each day (72 arrows per day total).  Six arrows are shot each “end” at the long distances on the first day.  Three arrows are shot each “end” at the short distances on the second day. 


      Hint:  Bring chairs, lunch, snacks, and shade if you have it. Although you can usually squeeze into the shade of others. Be prepared for varying weather conditions.  Wear sunscreen.


Also in the news, Mark Penaz (Male Compound) and Level 4/Coach Instructor of Phoenix was selected to the 2003 Senior USAT.