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Precision JOAD Shooters / Winter Indoor FITA Tucson


Event held Dec. 7, 2002


The event was well attended by the Arizona archery community. 


Like the Fiesta Indoor tournament, participants came from all over the State including the Verde Valley and just below the Mogollon  Rim. 


Most importantly 9 of the 25 registered archers were from the Arizona JOAD ranks.  That’s over 1/3 of the tournament!


Ribbons were awarded to the JOADs and prizes were given out to all the JOADs for participating. 


Competitive level Precision JOAD Shooters will be traveling to the World Archery Festival/Vegas Shoot, February 2003. 


The Precision JOAD Shooters will now have team shirts for the event, paid for by this tourney’s proceeds.  A great idea! 


We can thank Kathy Greene for organizing, judging and running the event.



That’s a triple X in the same hole, any closer and it would be a “robinhood”.  Super job Mack Huff!


Corinna Ramirez, Jason Strock, and Philip Cannon II

Three Blue Ribbon Winners from the morning shoot.


Precision JOAD Shooters, AZJOADs and

ASAA Seniors focus on scoring.