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2004 Duel in the Desert





October 23-24, 2004

hosted by PSE

Tucson, Arizona


Results and Photos are on the azarchery.com website


The Arizona State Duel team took on the California team at the Duel the Duel in the Desert at the PSE factory outdoor range in Tucson, AZ.  Each team consisted of 6 recurve men, 6 recurve women, 4 compound men, 4 compound women and a junior in each of the four divisions for a total of 24 per team plus alternates.  A third of this years Arizona team were JOADs. 


The event is also an open tournament with 34 archers joining the 48 team members to take part in the two day Star FITA.


Before the scoring, PSE’s David Kronengold presented its X Factor 2004 USA Olympian, Janet Dykman with a impressive plaque featuring a red white and blue “’X Factor”.  Joining Janet in recognition were six 2004 US Jr World Team members (5 from AZ and one from CA) as well as US and Canadian Olympians, USAT members, Jr. USAT members, former USAT and World Team members.  It was quite impressive to see the bulk of the field having such distinguished credentials.  It’s marvelous for our Arizona JOADs to be able to compete in such a line up.


Saturday’s weather was perfect.  Blue skies, temperatures in the high 70s and only occasional light breezes.  All the archers seemed to have a drama free tourney and enjoyable time.  The ASAA and Precision Shooters JOAD new digital large LED timers were easy to see by all.  The PSE wireless PA system was a pleasure to use.


As always, Sunday was more tense as the team wanted points and the visiting team wanted to get on the road for the long trip home.  There was only one equipment failure.


AZ Juniors this year were:

  • Annette Gorelik, recurve Cadet (2 points)

  • Ryan Davis, recurve Cadet (2 points)

  • Catherine Holcomb, compound Cub (First 70 meter tourney, shooting two division higher than normal)

  • Brandon Hunt, compound Junior (4 points)

  • Ryan and Annette shot up one division and Catherine shot up two divisions.  Wow!

All three that shot up gained valuable experience.


Other Arizona JOADs also took part as “Seniors” and all won points.

  • Brady Ellison (Cadet) was the number one seeded compound (4 points)

  • Robyn Repp (Cadet) was the number two ranked compound (1 point)

  • Maggie Huff (Cadet) was the number three ranked recurve (2 points)

  • Lindsay Pian (Junior) was the number one ranked recurve (5 points)

By the end of day two the California team had completed a sweep of the 2004 Duel Team competition winning the men’s, women’s and overall championships and traveling trophies.  NAA Vice President Allen Rasor of PSE assisted with the awards presentation.


Arizona JOADs won 20 of the Arizona 46 total points.  Five AZ Cadets and an AZ Cub on the AZ Duel team is an indicator of a bright future for the Arizona Junior Duel team. 


Many Californians left right after the tourney and were on the road by 2:00 PM California PDST (3:00 PM MST).  Daylight saving works in favor of Californians when the Duel is in Arizona, but against Arizonans when the tourney is in California.


Thank you PSE for hosting the tournament.

  • Tournament Planning Director, Kathy Green made the tourney preparations including target butt and stand delivery and securing the awards, but was unable to attend. 

  • The PSE engineering staff filled in for the last minute tournament preparation. 

  • Judges, volunteers and JOAD parents including a California parent jumped in as needed including individual and team score collection and tabulation.


The 2005 Duel will take place in California at the El Dorado Park in east Long Beach, California. 


“New JOADs”, why not make trying out for next years Duel team as a  goal?  Then seek help in creating a plan to get there.


Things for next time:

  • Archers need to be prepared for tight bales that are difficult to pull out.

  • When there is no food on the field, the break between distances during a ˝ FITA day should be 90 minutes or just enough time (15 minutes) to use the restroom.  One hour is not enough time to go out to eat.

  • Indicate the type of target faces to be used at 30 meters.  (i.e., All will use individual 80 cm six ring target faces at 30 meters unless each archer on the bale agrees to use the 80 cm ten ring target face.)  Publish the tournament directors target face decision.

  • Lane lines are a must to avoid confusion, delay and be FITA compliant.

  • The check in process was delayed by last minute registration.  Allow at least ˝ hour for late check in.  This can be a real money maker.

  • Equipment inspection took 45 minutes for 80+ archers.

  • Arrange for computerized score tabulation, printing and posting before hand.

  • Music is always welcome by most.

  • The Duel can be a delightful and entertaining tournament.  Have fun with it! 



For archive purposes


2004 Duel in the Desert Tournament Log:

October 23-24, 2004

PSE FITA range, Tucson, AZ


Planning Tournament Director: Kathy Green

Day of Tournament Director: David Kronengold

DOS: Bob Pian

Judges: Alan Huff and Linda Collier

Field Crew: Volunteers, PSE Staff


Women Compound 11

Male Compound 32

Women Recurve 20

Male Recurve 19

Total 82 archers, 20 of which were JOADs.


Fees:  Adult $40, Junior $30, late fee $25 (includes PSE range access and use fee)


22 targets

(22- 122 cm Tyvek target faces used)

(27-80 cm Tyvek target faces used)

(Approximately 60- individual 80 cm six ring target faces)


Saturday: (MST)

Field set up 7:00AM to 8:30 AM

Check in 7:45 AM to 9:00 AM

Equipment inspection: 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM

Official Practice: 8:50 AM to 9:35 Am


Longest Distance first line:

1.      9:51 AM

2.      10:11

3.      10:29

4.      10:45

5.      11:02

6.      11:19 AM

Reset Field: 11:40AM to 12 Noon

Lunch: 12 Noon to 1:00 PM


Second Distance first line:

1.      1:00 PM

2.      1:18

3.      1:37

4.      1:54

5.      2:11

6.      2:27 PM

Reset field, take down canopies, and secure portable equipment: 2:50 PM to 3:30 PM




Field set up:  7:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Official Practice: 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM


Third Distance first line:

1.      9:00 AM

2.      9:10

3.      9:20

4.      9:31

5.      9:41

6.      9:51

7.      10:00

8.      10:10

9.      10:20

10.  10:30

11.  10:39

12.  10:50 AM

Reset Field: 11:05 AM to 11:15 AM. The archers were given a choice of 10 ring or individual 6 ring targets.  All were accommodated.

Lunch: 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM


Short Distance:

1.      12:15 PM Equipment failure, target 14, Kenya Brown, three arrows shot immediately after the first end.  Timed by DOS on field timers.

2.      12:25

3.      12:34

4.      12:43

5.      12:53

6.      1:00

7.      1:11

8.      1:22

9.      1:33

10.  1:41

11.  1:51

12.  2:00

All score cards turned in 2:40 PM

Computerized data entry including overall results, team result and delays for archer and spectator questions 2:10 PM to 3:30 PM

Print out:  3:30 to 3:40 PM

Awards Presentation:  3:45 to 4:10 PM

Field break down 2:20 PM to 4:30 PM

Many Californians were on the road by 3:00 PM MST (2:00 PM PDST California time) Fantastic!