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2004 Fall Level One Class




Twelve students took part in a NAA Level 1 instructor class

conducted by Mike Koistinen


The new instructors included, Phoenix Park Rangers for Papago Park, archery shop owners, new archers, College club leader, JOAD class instructors and a grandpa that would like teach his grand children.

The daylong class focuses is on proper technique and on archery instruction.

The newly certified Level 1 instructors are now well equipped to help teach and encourage new archers in many different ways.

Congratulate them when you see them.

Special thanks to Straight N Arrow for providing the classroom/range for the entire Saturday!

  • Ted Harden 2

  • Jose JR Ortega

  • Max Lamberts

  • Kathy Lamberts

  • Aprilyn Witt

  • Lindsay Pian

  • Ray Delgado

  • Eric Braun

  • Janice Price

  • Todd Hulm

  • Ernesto Moreno

  • Class Audit: Chris Panawa

Instructor: Mike Koistinen

Support: Nic Panawa, Bob Pian


Newly certified instructor comments:

"We were completely lost, the class really helped; now we know what we should be focusing on."

"I learned more about proper shooting technique in just half the class than I have learned over a lifetime."

"Learned a lot, more than I realized there was to learn."

"It was a lot of what I guessed was true, now I know the facts presented in an organized way."

Level 1 Class listens as Mike Koistinen instructs

 archery class safety and procedures.