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2004 Vegas


World Archery Festival, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

February 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2004



The following photos are mostly from 2002


Arizona youth archers took advantage of the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas as usual.  Most drove to Las Vegas on the much improved highway system.   This year the event drew over 1,500 contestants.


The seventeen 2004 Arizona NAA JOAD members took part as youths:

  • Brandon Hunt

  • Brady Ellison

  • Robyn Repp

  • Rocky Repp

  • Maggie Huff

  • Michael Mitchell

  • Maku Wood

  • Jason Strock

  • Mack Huff

  • Philip Cannon

  • Michael Poindexter

  • Chris Panawa

  • Margaret Hargett

  • Lindsay Pian

  • April Witt and

  • Dine College brought two archers that competed in the youth division, Kevin Hubbard and Layncon Alcott.


Among the Arizona NFAA youths were Forrest Hargett, Matthew Powers, and John Powers.


For some, it was their first trip to the World Archery Festival.  A couple “Veteran” JOADs took part in the adult division. The Arizona group was larger than last years group with six from the Precision Shooter JOAD at PSE Club.  Practice took place on Thursday with many socializing before the tournament.  The tournament ranges were enhanced this year with more spectator space in the main tournament range and added spot lighting focused on the target bales. 


The show was also bigger than last year with a sparkling custom PSE semi-tractor trailer showroom taking part.


Friday, most seemed a bit nervous starting out regardless of their experience.  Part of the concern was caused by an apparent shortage of 60 cm target faces for youth division use.   The shortage lead to target assignment confusion which delayed the tournament briefly.  A Friday highlight was Robyn Repp’s robinhood in the 10 ring!  The stress was over soon enough as each division completed their 300 round of 30 arrows at 18 meters.  That evening, steady showers made for poor sightseeing conditions that continued for the entire weekend. 


Saturday was the second and final day for the youth divisions.  The day started early at 7:30 AM Vegas time (8:30 AM Arizona Time), this time there were enough targets for each archer to shoot their own target.  The youths gathered back together at midday for the awards ceremony. Mack Huff, Magarett Hargett, Robyn Repp and Maggie Huff all winning medals.  AZJOAD Robyn Repp also achieved her Indoor Olympian JOAD achievement.


A highlight was a post awards filming of the medal winner youth archers by ESPN 2 for broadcast on May 8th, 2004. 


On Sunday, AZJOADs April Witt and Lindsay Pian continued to compete in their respective Championship level division against adult competitors.  Lindsay finished second to fellow Arizonan Nicole Rasor for an Arizona top two finish.


Every Arizona JOAD that came and competed is better prepared for the next event. 


The final major indoor tournaments will be the 2004 JOAD Indoor National Championship and the 2004 NAA Indoor National Championship held regionally.  The closest regional tourney locations for Arizonans will bein Rio Rancho (Albuquerque), New Mexico  (JOAD March 12th, NAA March 13th and 14th)  Note that NAA member JOADs are invited to compete in both the Friday evening JOAD competition as well as the NAA tournament on Saturday and Sunday.


Hope to see you next time…Serious Fun…