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2004 Arizona JOAD Indoor



Hosted by the Precision Shooters JOAD (PSJ) at PSE


Tucson, AZ


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Twenty three took part in the Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship.  Ten traveled from the Phoenix metro area, having negotiated the fog on I-10.   Eleven were from the Tucson area.   One came from Payson and another from Douglas.  It was the first official tournament (Star FITA, State Championship) for five of the JOADs.  They gained valuable tournament experience and had fun, too.  Two were senior guests taking advantage of the available tournament space.


Kathy Greene led this Star FITA tournament as the Director of Shooting (DOS) and  Alan Huff judged.  Teresa and Alan Huff took on the tournament director administrative effort and securing the awards.  They deserve a sincere thank you from all.


PSE made some great range improvements resulting in fourteen lanes and a very large open spectator area.  The dominant range feature was the new large LED time clock made available by Alan Huff and a grant he secured (Sportable Scoreboards ST-15).   PSE staff member volunteer Beverly helped the kid’s scoring, which was greatly appreciated.


At days end, each JOAD was awarded a first, second or third place trophy.  (PSJ arranged for a very nice new trophy style that was well received by the contestants.)  High score medallions were also awarded to Robyn Repp, Lindsay Pian, Brady Ellison and Ryan Davis.  In typical fashion the JOADs “behaved” as young ladies and gentlemen that make up 99% of all youths.  For the most part the families represented themselves well by recognizing the dedication and determination of their JOADs by supporting honest effort.


It is not about score or winning,

It is all about commitment, honesty and the willingness to participate.   



Precision Shooters JOAD/PSE

14 lanes, AB, CD shooting line

21 JOADs

2 seniors

Entry Fee $25 including JOAD State Championship trophies

DOS plus Judge

Did I mention the New LED digital clock?


On time on Schedule:

8:00 AM Doors open

9:00 AM Official Practice

9:40 AM Practice ends

10:00 AM Scoring first ˝-600, AB and CD lines

11:30 AM Finish of first ˝-600, Lunch break

12:30 PM Scoring second ˝-600

2:00 PM Finish second ˝-600

2:20 PM Scores sheet competed, checked and turned into to Tournament Directors

2:30 PM Awards presentation, photos taken

3:00 PM everything cleaned up and put away

Ready to host both JOADs and seniors for the 2004 ASAA Indoor Championship the following weekend.



  • Early registration really helps the tournament organizers put on a successful tournament without the need for last minute heroics.

  • JOADs, talk with many other JOADs, they know best as to how things work.

  • We always find math addition errors on the official score cards; take time to check the arithmetic before turning them in.  Calculators maybe used.

  • New parents are encouraged to surf the web and chat with other parents about JOAD.

  • Focus on the good shots; forget the bad as if it never happened.

  • Parent clue:  If the JOAD wants you to watch, watch.  If they don’t, don’t and chat with other parents.  We are all in this together. 

  • The focus should be on form, not score or winning.

  • There are fast food outlets close to PSE on Grant.  Consider driving out before the lunch break and having the food back just in time for lunch.

  • During both indoors or outdoors tournaments drink and munch on healthy snacks during the tournament.  This is good for both JOADs and spectators.

  • www.sportablescoreboards.com Model ST-15 with remote control extension cables.

  • Visit www.azarchery.com and click on the Arizona JOAD Association link.

  • Join the NAA with a family membership.  Family membership allows the entire family to take part as archers, judges, instructors and volunteers.  www.usarchery.org

  • Also, keep comfortable folding chairs in your car.  They come in handy often.


Further thoughts:

  • Adults, become judges and/or coach/instructors.  It is very rewarding and very helpful to the sport we grow to love and is a great way to learn the rules and techniques in an organized manor.

For even more information visit NADA at http://www.discoverarchery.org/