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 2004 Arizona JOAD

 Outdoor Championship

  April 24 and 25, 2004

  Ben Avery FITA , Phoenix,  Arizona




15 JOADs and 15 Seniors / Masters competed in this registered STAR FITA.


This year’s format was a FITA with the long distances shot on Saturday and the short distances shot on Sunday followed by a 70m Olympic Round.


Weather on Saturday was almost perfect with a high in the mid 80s and light breezes and a few high gusts.


A tournament highlight was the hot BBQ pork sandwich and hotdog lunch prepared by the Hunt family for all archers and spectators, as part of the event.  Pineapple Archery provided all the beverages! Chips and cookies completed the lunch.  AZJOAD asked for lunch volunteers and without hesitation, the Hunts, Burkharts/Magnock and Pineapple Archery jumped all over it.

Thank them when you see them.  Many archers donated to help defray the cost. Thank You!


The Burkhart’s served up the complimentary lunch to archers and spectators alike. Excellent planning allowed all to be served with no waiting line.


A highlight of the 45-minute lunch break was a water balloon slingshot-launching event.  Loads of fun as many of the kids acted as welcome targets in hopes of getting drenched.  (It was hot)


This year’s volunteers and staff included:

  • Nic Panawa: Field.

  • Mike Koistinen: FITA Judge

  • Nancy Myrick: Director of Shooting

  • Janice Price: Scorecards, Music, Website, Trophies and OR

  • Bob Pian: Tournament Director

  • Nancy Myrick: Bob Pian and Alan Huff, Olympic Round medal match Judges

  • Archers, and spectators alike helped with set up, scoring, moving and take down.

Many first timers to the JOAD Outdoor Championship competed, which was great to see. It was nice to see so many shooting at the yeoman distance.  Precision Shooters JOAD, Papago JOAD, and AZJOAD were represented.


An interesting contrast was to see a six year old Yeoman and a 76+ Master competing side by side.


Sunday was much of the same, but 10 degrees warmer.


The lunch was very welcome at the half way mark along with another water balloon session where more "targets" volunteered to catch the balloons.


At the end of the FITA, each archer had given it their all.


Each and every competitor took home a customized Championship award plaque, another great thing to see.


OR seeding matches, semi-finals matches and Medal rounds matches were held Sunday afternoon as part of the event utilizing alternating 40 second arrows per FITA.


Many JOADs training hard for the 2004 Jr. World Team Trials gained valuable experience in the Medal round.



Arizona JOAD Championship with many first timers.  


Food and Fun

JOADs, Seniors and Masters

Great trophies

Olympic Round.

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hosted by Arizona JOAD Association


Future tournaments:

In recent years, JOAD parents have organized many tournaments.

Tournament organizers are eager to help others host tournaments.

Please ask anyone of the tournament team how you can get involved.