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Arizona State Archery Association

Indoor Championship


Star FITA hosted by Precision Shooters JOAD

January 29 - 30, 2005

Tucson, Arizona



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Tournament Director: Alan Huff


Precision Shooters JOAD hosted the largest ASAA Indoor Championship in recent memory. The tournament offered JOAD, Senior and Master divisions.

Bowman JOAD and Master +70 competed side by side using 40 cm faces at the 18 meter distance.

The PSE factory range provides ample space for spectators and equipment set up.

A highlight was collegiate division competition by between the Warriors of Dine College, Embry Riddle Aeronautics University, Sun Devil Archery at ASU, and U of A student also competed.


The experienced tournament leadership ran a smooth tournament, while juggling the schedule needs of the archers.  The large number of archers required that a Saturday night shooting line be provided.  It made for a really long day for both archers and tournament staff.


20 Arizona JOADs vied for the State Championship.  14 College students competed in the Senior Divisions and also in the Collegiate Division.


For the archives:


Sat AM, Sat Night, Sun AM

Director of Shooting:  Kathy Green

Judge:  Alan Huff


Sat PM, Sun PM

Director of Shooting: Bob Pian

Judge: Rockne Repp


Awards:  Craig and Debbie Wood

Scorecards and tabulation: Teresa Huff, Debbie Wood, Alan Huff


7 bales, 28 max. archers per shooting time

Registered archers: 69


Saturday AM

7:30 AM Check in/ Inspection

8:00 Practice

8:45 Announcements

9:02 First Scoring end

10:21-10:45 Break

12:10 PM 600 Round complete


Saturday PM

12:30 PM Check in/ Inspection

1:02 Practice

1:47 Announcements

2:08 First Scoring end

3:27-3:40 Break

5:00 PM 600 Round complete


Saturday Night

5:00 PM Check in/ Inspection/

5:10 Practice

5:55 Announcements

6:09 First Scoring end

7:28-7:38 Break

8:55 PM 600 Round complete


Sunday AM

8:00 Practice

8:45 Announcements

8:56 First Scoring end

10:15-10:35 Break

11:55 AM 600 Round complete


Sunday PM

12:35 PM Practice

1:17 Announcements

1:32 First Scoring end

2:47-3:11 Break

4:28 PM 600 Round complete


5:10-5:30 PM Awards Ceremony

Take down 6:30 PM