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2005 Arizona JOAD Indoor


Star FITA hosted by Precision Shooters JOAD

January 22, 2005

Tucson, Arizona



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Tournament Director/Judge Alan Huff hosted a flawless 2005 Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship.  Before the tourney began, Alexander Kirillov, PSE Coach, was recognized for being named the 2004 NAA "Coach of the Year". 
27 JOADs and two guests competed.
  • Desert Destroyers JOAD, Mesa Targeteers JOAD, Precision Shooters JOAD and Straight N Arrow JOAD club members took part.
  • It was the first ever tournament for one JOAD.
  • Six of the contestants were current or former Jr US Archery Team members or US World Team members.
  • Bob Pian, as the Director of Shooting, provided comprehensive tournament instructions including scoring and equipment failures.
  • The tournament ran very smoothly to the credit to the JOAD clubs individual tournament preparation.
A one hour lunch break was taken between the first and second 300 round. 
Each and every contestant received a tournament awards medal including twelve 2005 Arizona JOAD Indoor Champions.
Several Arizona JOAD Indoor Championship Records were broken.
Tournament high score trophies were awarded to:
  • Tyler Baker, Compound Male
  • Ryan Davis, Recurve Male
  • Aprilyn Witt, Compound Female
  • Lindsay Pian, Recurve Female
The New 2005 Arizona JOAD State Indoor Champions
  • Corrina Ramirez, Bowman Recurve
  • Margie Ortega, Bowman Compound
  • Nathan Yamaguchi, Bowman Compound
  • Tyler Baker, Cub Compound
  • Cassandra Votruba, Cub Compound
  • Philip Cannon II, Cub Recurve
  • Robyn Repp, Cadet Compound
  • Kevin Hensberry, Cadet Compound 
  • Annette Gorelik, Cadet Recurve
  • Ryan Davis, Cadet Recurve
  • Aprilyn Witt, Junior Compound
  • Lindsay Pian, Junior Recurve
Michael Loughridge was introduced as the newly appointed Arizona JOAD Coordinator effective February 1, 2005.   Mr. Loughridge presented the trophies to the award winners.


Tournament Statistics:
Date: January 22, 2005
Location: PSE Tucson
Host: Precison Shooters JOAD
Tournament Director: Alan Huff
Director of Shooting: Bob Pian
Judge: Alan Huff
Tournament support staff: Teresa Huff and Janice Price
7 targets
Digital LED timing system
8:30 AM Registration and equipment inspection
9:00 to 9:45 Official Practice
9:50 DOS Tournament process presentation
1.  10:06 AM
2.  10:15
3.  10:24
4.  10:32
5.  10:39
6.  10:47
7.  10:54
8.  11:01
9.  11:08
10. 11:17 AM
11:25 AM to 12:30 PM Lunch
11.  12:33 PM
12.  12:41
13.  12:48
14.  12:56
15.  1:03
16.  1:12
17.  1:19
18.  1:26
19.  1:34
20.  1:41 PM
2:15 to 2:45 PM Awards
Great jobs:
  • Awards, target faces, score card, general tournament preparation.
  • Registration started on time.
  • The schedule was perfect to allow travel time from Phoenix to Tucson and back.
  • Music Variety
  • Veteran officiating
  • All received Awards medals with custom medal inserts.
  • JOADs and Families depart by 2:45 PM
For next time:
  • The PSE Factory indoor range was at full capacity!
  • A larger range or an added shooting time will be neccessary to accommodate more archers.
  • This tournament is a perfect opportunity to train DOS and Judges.
  • Remember to bring chairs just in case.