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2005 Arizona JOAD Outdoor


Star FITA hosted by

ASU Sun Devil Archery Club and Black Canyon Archers

April 30, 2005

Ben Avery, Phoenix, AZ


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A note from the 2005 Arizona JOAD Coordinator, Michael Loughridge...

The (2005 Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship) tournament was extremely well run.

The combination of single day event, provided lunch, and good organization made a long event very productive and enjoyable.

The only area I saw for potentially making it even better would be to start an hour earlier.

As a judge, the event was rewarding.

The archers were all friendly and eager to just shoot. There was none of the pettiness that one occasionally hears of.

Archers of all ages and experience levels continued to try to understand the format and rules better.

As the current JOAD coordinator, and parent of an archer that will soon be aging out, it was nice to see that younger archers and their parents were eager to participate.

It was especially nice that some of the "newer" parents were asking about how to help out.

(Even more of this would certainly be nice!)

Thank you all for a great time!


The 2005 Arizona JOAD Outdoor Championship, STAR FITA had the highest JOAD turnout in the past three years.

25 JOADs and 10 Senior/Master/Collegiates competed.

(10 from Precison Shooters JOAD, 8 from Straight N Arrow and 7 from Mesa Targeteers.)

The one day FITA ran ahead of schedule.  One line was shot and a complimentary lunch was provided at the field.

Precision Shooters JOAD, Mesa Targeteers and Straight N Arrow entered teams in the team competition. 


The Ben Avery FITA Range was fully set up by Sun Devil Archery and Black Canyon Archers volunteers.

ASAA and AZJOAD equipment were used including, targets with lane numbers and flags, Raised DOS stand and canopy, Judges seating umbrellas, PA system and music, Bow stands, Digital LED Timer, water coolers, 6 port a potties.

The check in and equipment inspection went very quickly as many had competed in Star FITAs earlier in April.


Temperatures were in the 60s in the morning and reaching the mid 80s in the afternoon.

Breezes were light in the AM, but were gusty during the third distance after lunch.

Ice cold bottled water was offered continuously.

The timing clock was allowed to count down to zero so that the archers had time to sit, drink and relax during each end.


Parents of PSJ, Mesa Targeteers and Straight N Arrow volunteered and helped the yeoman, bowmans, cubs score and add.  The help is appreciated.


Lunch on the field.

For the second year in a row, the Hunt Family volunteered their time and energy to provide a complimentary hot lunch to all on the field for the tournament. 

The Hunts did a wonderful job and everyone was eager dive in to great food and get seconds.


It was a full day of shooting, but the JOADs and parents were all very supportive of the one day FITA in light of the prospects of two day FITA. 

The tournament finished over an hour ahead of schedule!

Parents volunteered to collect score cards and quickly sort for the results.


At the end of the tournament, the non JOAD archers were thanked for participating and received a one year subscription to the US Archer Magazine.

The US Archery Magazine is published in Tucson, the subscriptions were provided by its publisher Arlyne Rhode.


Each JOAD received a Cardoza arrow lube tube, ASU Sun Devil Archery arrow puller, 2005 Arizona Cup sticker and a goody bag with raisins and snacks at the start of the day.

The Championship awards consisted of an archery medal with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons and red/white/blue ribbons for 4th or higher place.  Every JOAD took home a medal!

Note that the Male Cadet Recurve division was the most competitive with 4 JOADs competing.


Rockne Repp coordinated the newly formated Arizona JOAD Oudoor Championship Team Competition which encourages youth young JOAD divisions.  The team competition was won by Precision Shooters JOAD.  The Mesa Targeteers came in second and Straight N Arrow finished in third.

The team championship trophies, provided by Arizona Junior and Collegiate Archery will presented at the clubs.



  • ASU Sun Devil Archery hosted the tournament with the Black Canyon Archers . 

  • BCA provided range prep and both the BCA and ASU setting up the equipment. 

  • Volunteers helped move and stake targets. 

  • All pitched in to put the equipment away.

  • Field:  Wayne Davidson

  • Registration, score cards and volunteers: Ted Harden and family

  • Food:  The Hunt Family

  • Awards:  Sun Devil Archery, Kari Granville,

  • NAA Judges:  Rockne Repp and Michael Loughridge

  • Tournament Director, DOS, NAA Judge: Bob Pian

  • Volunteers:  Art Baribault, Diane Harden, Ted Harden II, Janice Price


  • The Hunts prepared bbq chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and fixings and chips for the archers, family members and tournament spectators. 

  • The Hardens provided home made cookies with Sun Devil on top. 

  • Ice cold beverages were provide from ASAA, AZ Cup stores included Gatorade, soda pop and bottled water. 

  • The complimentary hot lunch was served to all and was a great hit. 

  • There was more than enough for all and some took home leftovers.

  • Many insisted on donating $ in appreciation of the Hunts great tasting meal preparation. 

  • The donations exceed the cost of the sandwich and chips grocery bill!


There was some interesting input about the difference between a one day and two day FITA.

100% of the parents and 90% of the JOADs strongly supported the one day FITA.


Two day FITA:

  • Only 72 scoring arrows per day, popular for those that shoot high poundage and those that are comfortable shooting a lesser number of arrows.

  • More time to socialize with two lines of shooting and two lunch breaks.

  • Higher scores if the range is typically calm in the AM as opposed to windy in the PM.

  • Allow shooting to take place in the cool of the morning vs hot afternoons.

  • Allows for official practice before the third distance.

  • Less targets and target faces are used when there are 4 archers per target.

  • Those that live close by the range can easily drive to 2 day FITAs.

  • Providing both one and two day FITAs provides the states archery community with a variety of shooting type opportunities.


One day FITA:

  • Only one day of volunteer set up and take down time and commitment.

  • Parents and JOADs liked the idea of competition on only one weekend day.

  • Saturday one day FITA avoids Sunday church services.

  • Only one day of judges and range use fees.

  • Best if the weather through out the day is pleasant.

  • Able to be shot in 6 hours if only one line is shooting.

  • Those that live in the opposite end of the valley appreciated having to make the only one round trip.

  • Out of towners appreciated having to stay in a hotel only one night.

  • Providing both one and two day FITAs provides the states archery community with a variety of shooting type opportunities.


Equipment failures:

"It happens", please take a few minutes to look check equipment before the tournament begins. 

Check your equipment during break too.

Equipment failures can greatly delay the tournament schedule.

This tournament didn't have many equipment failures and as a result the tournament finished ahead of schedule.



Friday Prep

Mid day, Field Stripping, 2 ppl

Afternoon, 2 hrs Tournament set up. 4 ppl

14 targets (7 ASAA and 7 AZJOAD)


Saturday Prep

6-7 AM Set up: PA, timer, power cords, tables, 3 ppl

7-8 AM Target matt and practice faces set up.

7:30-8 AM Check in and equipment inspection

8-9 AM Official Practice. (Could have been shorter)

9-9:19 Announcements, national anthem


Saturday Tournament

9:19-10:30 AM First Distance including 2 equipment failures and 11 make up arrows.  (1H, 11M)

5 minutes, move and stake down targets

10:35- 11:35 AM Second Distance (1H)

11: 35 AM to 12:20 PM Lunch server on field, move and stake down targets

12:22-1:50 PM Third Distance (1H 32M)

12 minutes, move and stake targets, set up individual three spot targets.

2:02-3:20 PM Fourth Distance (1H 18M)

3:20 to 3:40 PM Score cards competed and collected, Range equipment put away, give away to non JOADs.

3:45-4:00 PM JOAD awards ceremony.


Saturday put away

Most of the equipment was put away after the announcement that the awards ceremony would take place after the equipment was put away.

4:00 to 5:00 PM Small equipment put away, misc, depart field.


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