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Duel in the Desert AZJoad Story

Nov. 5-6, 2005


Long Beach, Calfifornia


Overall Results   Team Points   Photos

Contributions by Amy Monahan and Bob Pian


Several Arizona JOADs participated in the Duel in the Desert in Long Beach, CA November 5-6, 2005. 

For most, this was their first big outdoor tournament and most of the youths participated in a category above their normal age level. 

On Friday the team members and their families drove to Long Beach, a 6 to 8 hour trip depending on stops.

The tournament takes place at El Dorado Park, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Archery Field.

Everyone had a good time and shot well! 

We enjoyed dinner on Saturday at Joes Crab Shack with the rest of the Arizonan Team. 


The Duel in the Desert matches an AZ archer against a CA archer, one on one.

The team scoring format awarded a team point for each end, a point for winning a distance and a point for winning the overall FITA.

There were 14 points per team member to win on Saturday and 27 points on Sunday.

The team sport shirts in womens and mens cuts were embroidered and looked great.  Joy Fahrenkrog and RegattaSport worked on the shirts.


The Awards were presented after the scores were tallied.

A raffle was run, which is always fun.


Arizona JOADs were:

             Annette Gorelik

             Brady Ellison

             Maggie Huff,

             Max Lambert,

             Tyler Monahan

             Cassandra Votruba

             Mack Huff participated as an individual.

Cassandra Votruba won first place in Junior Female Compound.  

Max Lambert won second place in Junior Male Recurve. 

Tyler Monahan won second place in Junior Male Compound. 

Matt Huff won second place in Cub Male Compound.

Brady Ellison won third place in the highly competitive Senior Male Recurve Category.

These are great results for a regional tournament.


Ashley Votruba and Lindsay Pian also competed.

They are still JOADs, but are with the Arizona State University Sun Devil Archers and shot as Collegiate. Lindsay won 2nd place in the Senior Female Recurve category. Joining them was former AZJOAD,Ted Harden 2 and Team Director, Kari Granville.


The 2006 Duel will be held in Arizona.

Plan on taking part in the Duel Trials and the Duel in the Desert. 

The Bid Package for hosting the tournaments is on the www.azarchery.com  website.  Consider hosting this fun tournament.