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2005 Heather Farr Memorial Golf Tournament

American Junior Golf Association (AJGA)

at the Longbow Golf Course


March 26, 2005


Arizona Junior and Collegiate Archery volunteers helped to introduce archery to junior golfers at the Heather Farr Classic, an AJGA Junior Golf Tournament.

The Hunt, Panawa, Huff, and Repp families  and Ted Harden II from ASU taught 80 AJGA golfers after the golfers finished their rounds on Saturday afternoon. 


For the second year in a row the event was a welcome distraction for the junior golfers.

The skills and mind set of golf and archery was evident.


Longbow Golf donated to the Arizona JCA 2005 Trophy fund for the Arizona JOAD Outdoor Team Championship and to the 2005 Jr US World Team Arizona unfunded junior fund.

Special thanks goes to the Hunt family for equipment delivery and set up.



Heather earned great distinction as an All-American ASU golfer and then on the LPGA tour. 

She lost her battle against breast cancer, but her sprit lives on.

The Heather Farr Foundation exists to hasten the eradication of breast cancer by supporting efforts aimed at detection, research and treatment of the disease at a local and national level. 

Arizona JCA looks forward to helping annually at the Heather Farr Classic.