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2005 Southern Illinois Cup


Junior USAT Qualifier

Murphysboro, Illinois


June 3-5, 2005


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Three junior division Arizona JOADs brought back three medals.

The tournament is one of four Jr USAT ranking events for 2005. Since there is no Junior World Outdoor Trials tournament, the SI Cup was added as the fourth qualifier.

The tournament was also the Illinois State Outdoor Championship.

Temperatures were very warm and humid, but breezes made shooting challenging.

Arizona participants:

  • Maggie Huff of the Precision Shooters JOAD, recently returned from the Mexican Grand Prix and continued to shoot well with a Bronze medal 3rd place finish in the Olympic Round after a 4th place finish in the junior womenís recurve FITA.

  • Brady Ellison, Straight N Arrow JOAD/ Pineapple Archery, won Gold in the Olympic Round after finishing second in the junior menís compound FITA.

  • Lindsay Pian, Straight N Arrow JOAD finished first in both the Olympic Round and FITA in junior womenís recurve.


  • The range was oriented with the archers shooting to the south. The range was also a golf driving range.

  • TL Archery hosted a spaghetti dinner the evening of practice day.

  • Less than 50 pre-registered, but the field grew by Ĺ again as much with late registrants.

  • Two lines were shot, so the shooting was from 7am to 5pm The FITA was run very close to the published schedule.

  • The size of the tournament was a manageable size allowing for a basic tournament set up.

  • The tournament committee was unaccustomed to running ORs so the seeding and process had to be worked out which delayed the start of the ORs.  ORs were completed about noon.

  • Winds were from the SSE and stronger on OR day. Temperatures were in the high 80s. Humidity made for some uncomfortable shooting.

  • The forecasted thunderstorms did not materialize in Murphysboro and tracked to the north of the area.

There was no need to stake down the targets and bales on practice or FITA day.

ÖBut you never know when the winds will blow the bales over as it did during the OR. Most of the stands and butts blew over all at once during scoring of one arrow shoot-offs.  One archer was lucky to have their arrow shoved through the butt undamaged, however the other archerís arrow wound up in three pieces.  The stands and butts just missed the archers as they were scoring.

Medals were handed out for the State Championship and Southern Illinois Cup OR final finish.  Then it was time to head back to AZ.