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2005 World Indoor Team Trials


FITA I (18M) 600 Qualifying Round and Round Robin Matches

January 14 - 16, 2005    Hillsboro, Texas



NAA Press Release         Results and Texas Website Photos


Six Arizona JOAD’s competed at the 2005 US Indoor Team Trials, which is double the number of Arizona JOADs that took part in the last US Indoor team trials in 2003.

The Texas Tens JOADs host club had just the right number of volunteers run the tournament including the sophisticated match seeding, scoring and food and beverage sales through out the tournament.

They deserve a big congratulations and thank you.


Six Arizona JOADs and their parents deserve congratulations and thanks for the time and financial sacrifice needed to compete nationally and internationally. 

Individual Arizona JOAD Highlights:


Catherine Holcomb (Straight N Arrow JOAD), Junior Compound

Competed in her first national tournament and did very well by posting a “personal best” 600 round score.

She finished just out of the top 10 and gained great experience for the future!


Maggie Huff (Precision Shooter JOAD), Junior Recurve

Maggie was seeded 6th from the qualifying round with a determined effort move up to a 5th place final finish.

The trials are just the beginning of a full indoor tournament spring schedule for Maggie.


Robyn Repp (Mesa Targeteers), Junior Compound

The 600 seeded Robyn in 4th place.

As a result she took part in round robin matches, which is sure to be helpful when she participate in several trials to come.


Brady Ellison (Pineapple Archery), Junior Compound  2005 US Indoor World Team Member!

The group was very competitive with only one point separating the Brady from the second place competitor.

Hard work paid off.


Aprilyn Witt (Straight N Arrow), Junior Compound 2005 US Indoor World Team Member!

Great scoring put Aprilyn in a back and forth battle for the top spot. 

At tourneys end, April secured the first place.


Lindsay Pian (Straight N Arrow), Junior Recurve 2005 US Indoor World Team Member!

Lindsay’s tourney preparation resulted in a good lead.

She finished in the top spot.


The team is only partially funded. 

Those that would like to help Arizona World Team members should send them to:


Arizona World Team Members support

PO 5149
Carefree, AZ 85377


The first tournament day consisted of a two separate 600 round lines and 5-12 arrow round robin matches.

Incomplete 600 round score cards, set up, a protest, a major equipment failure and an average of 4 tie breaker shoot offs after every match made for a long day that didn’t end until about 10:00 PM.


The second and final tournament day went much better as all were accustom to the unique process.

The round robin matches accounted for approximately ¾ of the possible points.

The event concluded with a nice team presentation ceremony.

Other Arizonans:

Kathy Loesch, PSE Tucson, 2005 US Indoor World Team Member!

Jessica Grant, Compound, past 2003 US Indoor World Team member, who attends Texas A and M.

Mark Penaz will be the Head US Coach for the team

Alexander Kirrilov will be the Recurve team coach.

Bob Pian judged.

Janice Price and Alan Huff took part as available Jury of Appeals members.



The tournament venue was a former Wal-Mart store, a little over an hours drive south of Dallas/Fort Worth.

32 American Whitetail FITA targets took 65 meters of wall space, about 215’.

Linda and Wyatt Misenheimer, lead the tournament organizers.

The Arizona JOADs had several chances to earn a qualifying score in the 2004 Iron Archer Series, the after Christmas qualifier at PSE and the early January Simply 600.



The archers practiced before and after a Star FITA, 18 meter, 600 qualifying round as part of funding eligibility.

Adjustments were made to the final tourney set up.



The tournament began with a 600 round (AM group and PM group)

The 600 round seeded the round robin matches.

Five of the six Arizona JOADs made the cut to compete in the round robins.


Saturday evening the five, 12 round robins shooting began around 5:00 PM.

Compound and Recurve Female Juniors and the Compound Male Juniors field were cut to 8 archers while all the other categories were cut to 16.

Incomplete, erroneous and tardy score cards that had to be hunted down delayed the beginning of the round robin matches.

Match set up, a protest about round robin target faces, a major equipment in the form of a broken limb and shoot offs after every match delayed the tournament.

At least one match went to a fourth shoot off arrow.

The round robin matches were set up so that all the archers changed targets from match to match regardless of seeding.

Many competitors shoot arrows into the wrong target before realizing the error.

By days end the archers were more than tired.

The first days shooting ending around 10:00 PM.


On Sunday the categories with 8 archers competed in 9 matches, the rest took part in 10 matches.

The tournament staff generated individualized sheets to direct the archers to the correct match target.

Again score card problems and match tie shoot offs too their toll on the schedule.

The matches began at 7:30 AM and ended just before 5:00 PM


The Texas Tens conducted a very nice awards presentation and photo session.

Here is the tournament weblink: http://www.texasarchery.org/Results/NAA/WITT2005.htm

Here is the NAA weblink: http://usarchery.myicontrol.com/index.cfm?id=39A27D28-E9BF-4160-830F45C1FFA22415



  • Texas Hospitality!

  • Easy access from DFW Airport to Hillsboro.

  • Tournament hotels close to the venue.

  • Parking at the front door

  • A Super WalMart next door.

  • Practice range always open.

  • Good lighting on all but 4 bales.

  • Food on site as well as dining tables.

  • Ample equipment set up tables.

  • Good volunteers, including data entry and result determination.

  • Leader board projection system.

  • Ample Judges.

  • We hope the Texas Tens JOAD host another big tournament again!

Better luck next time.

  • 3 tournament day in lieu of two.

  • Target stands that don’t slide on the tile floor.

  • Digital numeric timer.

  • PA speakers at each end of the range.

  • Music variety.

  • Full width spectator area.

  • A/C control.

  • A clip board for every competitor plus extras.

  • Communication between this tournament director and the next tournament director to insure continuity.