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Duel in the Desert - AZ Story

Nov. 11-12, 2006

Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Phoenix, Arizona

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2006 Duel Team Outcome

Women’s Team – Arizona

Men’s Team – California

Overall Team - Arizona


A wonderful time was had by all…Fast, Effective and Fair.

The 2006 Duel in the Desert – California vs Arizona is in the record book.


After what seems like a decade of the Arizona Duel Team mostly losing to California, Arizona shot their way to a dominating 2006 Duel in the Desert Women’s and Overall Team victory.


On the men’s side the Arizona Team started with a lead but by the end of the first distance the CA men took a 20 point lead. By the end of the matches Arizona lost by only 11 points.


There were a total of 70 archers that took part in both the Duel Team and Open Star FITA Tournament and included large number collegiate archers.


The Arizona tradition of outstanding JOAD performances continued with Maku Wood, Max Lambert, Robyn Repp and Matt Bullard collected more than their fair share of points.


Arizona JOAD members of the USA Jr World Team, Maggie Huff and Brady Ellison both won their matches as the top “Senior” team members in AZ.


  • The weather was in the cool 60s in the morning but rapidly warmed up to the 80s by afternoon.

  • The winds at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility were at the variable at 5 to 10 mph and stiff at times.

  • The Arizona State Archery Association ran an ontime tournament from start to finish.

  • Duel Team leader board was updated every 12 arrows.

  • Anson Tyau fulfilling a lost wager, entertained us all with "I am a Pretty Pretty Princess" song and dance.

  • The Bowcats Archery Club at the University of Arizona (Wood family) provided light breakfast and lunch on the field along with beverage sales.

  • The awards ceremony featured individual open tournament plaques for each division as well and presentation of the Duel in the Desert Team Trophies


Day one started 8 AM and finished at 1:55 PM

Day two started at 8 AM, with scoring finished at 2:10.

Scores were collected and compiled by 2:30 PM and the awards presentation was over by 3:05 PM

Californians were able to leave the field by 2:05 PM California time!


Unfortunately no Arizona Club chose to take on the task of hosting 2006 Duel in the Desert.

The tournament was managed by the Arizona State Archery Associations Tournament Oversight Committee.

The 2007 Duel in the Desert is scheduled to take place in Long Beach, CA at the Eldorado Park Archery field.

Arizonans, please consider hosting the Duel in the Desert in 2008 to insure that the tournament lives on.





DOS Heather Brunelle-Collins (Straight N Arrow JOAD North),

Judges: Ed Votruba (Papago JOAD) and Richard Hirano (California)

Tournament Coordinator and COJ: Bob Pian, AZ Jr & Collegiate Archery

Leader board: Janice Price (TOC), Julie Nichols (Pineapple Archery), Linda Collier (United JOAD of So Cal), Barbara Noblet (Papago FA), Alan Huff (PSJ) and Vicky Lambert (Mesa Targeteers)

Set up and Take down: Harold Rush (Rim Country), Sun Devil Archers (Granville, Harden+), Anson, Votrubas, Noblet, Lamberts, Huff and Pian.



Day one

Check in, Equipment inspection 8:00

Official Practice 8:30 to 9:17

First Distance 9:35 to 11:20


Second Distance 12:20 to 1:55


Day 2

Practice 8:00 to 8:50

Third Distance 9:03 to 11:05


Fourth Distance 12:05 to 2:10

CA depart field at 3:05


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