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2006 National Target Championship

Arizona Story

July 31 - August 5, 2006

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Arizona Results!


About two dozen Arizonans took part in the 2006 National Target Championship, July 31-August 6, 2006, Colorado Spring, CO.The temperatures thru out the week long tournament were pleasant in the 60s to 90s.

Scattered thunderstorms rumbled thru almost daily, but only postponed competition for 20 minutes because of lightning.The winds ranged breezy to strong and would often change direction in an hour or two.


The Arizona Team of Kari Granville, Ali Wood and Maku Wood took home the Womenís Recurve Open Team Championship.  Congratulations Sun Cats!

Maggie Huff also medaled in the open team round.  Brady Ellison won the silver medal in the International Team round


Maggie Huff and Brady Ellison won their respective divisions

and are now the National Target Champions.

Junior Brady Ellison won the USA OPEN!

Junior Maggie Huff made it to the medal matches at the US Open and finished 4th


Master 60+ Wayne Davidson won the National Championship.

Master 50+ Rob Asay and Frank Pearson won 2nd and 3rd place respectively.


Other activities took place during the tournament:

National Coach Kisik Lee and USA Archery High Performance Manager, Tom Parrish presented the Best Method shooting form and the plans for USA Archery team selection for world teams including the Olympics (Note that the first 2008 Olympic trials tournament is proposed to take place in September/October 2007.)

The NAA annual meeting took place and Lloyd Brown was elected as the President.

USA JOAD and the USA Collegiate Archery Program (Kari Granville) held a joint outreach meeting.


Pre NTC the Paralympics program held an archerís camp and the Traditional National Championship took place.


The 2006 National Target Championship was administered by the National Archery Association.

The new tournament director was Steven Cornell who has run Olympic Trials and the JOAD Nationals in his home state of Ohio in the past.

The Chairman of judges was Tom Green.

The Directors of Shooting on the main field were Bob Pian and Linda Cockrell.

The Director of Shooting on the youth field was Lenny Schwade.

A large leader board was run at the youth field.

The senior field leader board consisted of computed sorted standing, printed and mounted to clipboards.


There were three food concessions as well as an apparel and archery shop vendor.

Massages were made available by a massage therapy school.

The NAA staffed the lost and found and sold memberships, banquet tickets and team round registration.

The National Target Championship is scheduled to take place in Colorado Springs again in 2007.

Collegiate Archery All American Posters were distributed.

A therapy massage fund raiser was conducted by archer Debbie Krienke for the 2006 US World Field Team.

2004 Olympic Archery Gold DVDs were offered for a $10 donation to the 2006 US Jr World Team travel fund.


Here is a listing of Arizona Archers that took part; please let us know of any corrections or someone missing.



  • Annette Gorelik

  • Maku Wood

  • Tony Don

  • Max Lambert

  • Cassandra Votruba

  • Mack Huff

  • Ryan Davis

  • Maggie Huff

  • Brady Ellison

  • Robyn Repp

AZ Seniors:

  • Nicole Rasor

  • Lindsay Pian

  • Kari Granville

  • Faun Baumgardner

  • Ali Wood

  • Molly Moore

  • Margrit McIntosh

  • Richard White

  • Robert Park

  • Becky Pearson

  • Ashley Votruba

  • Allen Rasor

AZ Masters:

  • Rob Asay

  • Frank Pearson

  • Wayne Davidson

  • Jim Hamilton


Report from Damon Don

Precision Shooters JOAD, Tucson


The 2006 National Target Championship took place last week.

The following youth archers from Arizona participated in this event: Ryan Davis(cadet recurve)

Tony Don (cadet recurve), Brady Ellison(junior recurve),  Annette Gorelik( junior recurve), Mack Huff(cub compound), Maggie Huff(junior recurve), Max Lambert( junior recurve),  Robyn Repp(cadet compound), Cassndra Vortruba (cadet compound) and Maku Wood (junior recurve).

The weather at the tournament was mixture of sunny skies and thunderstorms.

Oftentimes the wind picked up in the afternoons which made the shooting more interesting.

For the most part the tournament was well run; there were very few delays and the field crew were timely in replacing targets.

We found some notable restaurants in Colorado Springs.

For American food the Steaksmith was excellent.

It had delicious well age beef and a nice salad bar. 

The Black Bear Diner on Academy Blvd. served good, hearty portions for a moderate price.

We also ate at Luigiís.

It is a Colorado Springs tradition for Italian food.

Itís located downtown on Tejon St. For Mexican food we ate at small tortillarilla at Circle Rd. and Airport Blvd. It had great burritos and it was located near the park.

There are several Korean restaurants that served very authentic food according to Dr. Bob Park.

Many shooters finished well in this tournament.

Brady took first place in the Fita, won the U.S. Open, and qualified for the World Team. Maggie finished fourth in the U.S. Open and was first in the World Trials.

Tony, Ryan and Robyn shot well in the double FITA to participate in the World Team Trials.

Maku Wood, Ali Wood and Kari Granville won the open class for womenís recurve in the Team round.

Final results can be found at http://www.usarchery.org/